Head Girl’s Blog – Montpellier Trip – 24th February 2016



DAY 1: After a short flight, we were quickly paired off and introduced to our host families at the airport who then took us to their homes. Ines and I had a 40 minute wait for a bus where we were immediately given the chance to start up conversations with our host mother which was a shock given the immediacy of the transition from speaking English to fully speaking French to a stranger. We were shown the area around our home and told the essentials (tram times and where the best boulangerie was located) before going home and enjoying our first dinner with our family.

DAY 2 : An early start, a quick breakfast and for some of us, our first ever tram journey. Everyday, we would all meet outside the LSF (French school)
building and catch up on each other’s host families. Lessons began at 9 and ended at 12.30, GCSE and A Level girls were separated and we all
did activities and grammar rules that were tailored to our level of French. After Lunch, we were treated to a tour of Montpellier including its history 
and monuments. During the tour, the teachers gave us a quiz which included having to take a selfie with a certain statue on the tour and figuring out two lies that our tour guide told. The forfeit for the least amount of questions answered correctly was to sing a song in the main square, so we all listened very carefully in order to avoid too much embarrassment.
DAY 3: After our morning lessons, we had free time and then made our way to bowling. Unfortunately, there was a 30 minute long tram wait so we decided to walk instead. Once we arrived we were separated into smaller groups and had a bowling competition in our respective lanes. There were quite a few strikes and definitely some bowling pros among us. 
DAY 4: On our last full day in France, we attended our lessons and then made our way to the Ice rink where there was a disco and ramps for the fearless ice skaters. Some girls competed in races around the rink and others could not resist skating down the ramps over and over again. We then explored the shopping centre and had free time before we went back to our families and began packing for the flight home the next afternoon.
DAY 5: We said goodbye to our families and thanked them for welcoming us into their home before hauling considerably heavier baggage on to the tram to drop off at the school building. We had our last lesson in which I had to take part in a mock television report and speak about a fictional news headline containing all the grammar rules and techniques I had learnt over the week. After the lesson, we had enough time to get some lunch before getting on a bus to the airport.
We all really enjoyed the trip and it really helped us improve our French because of the lessons, the host family and general conversations with locals, it is a trip I’d definitely recommend to French students as you are given the chance to practice, learn and revise for exams but also because it was a whole lot of fun!
Thank you Mr Carroll and Miss Stojanovic for organising such a wonderful trip! 
You can find all of the pictures from the trip here.

One thought on “Head Girl’s Blog – Montpellier Trip – 24th February 2016

  1. Hi Charlotte,
    Your blog about Montpellier is really beautifully written and also concise so that people enjoy reading it in one go
    Glad you all had a lot of fun!

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