Head Girl’s Blog – 22nd March 2016

The last weeks of the term have been hectic with many trips, competitions and events.

Mrs Tunnicliffe took a group of Year 11s and Sixth Form to a National Theatre Backstage tour which was very eye opening as we discovered the hours that goes in to making a production perfect. We were allowed to hold some props that were used in various plays (including a severed head which had human hair individually sewn on to it, a tortoise and a colourful flamingo). We visited the different theatre rooms within the National Theatre. The most striking was without doubt, the Olivier Theatre which was modelled on a Greek amphitheatre at Epidaurus.

Our Sport Relief efforts were widespread from girls ‘swimming the channel’ and teachers ‘cycling to Paris’. We all took part in the Fun Run last Friday and the costumes were very amusing to say the least. Also, the incentive of a Sport Relief medal encouraged many of us to run pretty fast…
Yesterday evening, Sixth Form French girls plus film enthusiasts went to the Ciné Lumière and we watched a film called Marguerite. Marguerite is an opera singer who cannot sing in key however people around her pretend that she can and that she’s good at it. Even though her husband is ashamed of her and wants her to stop singing, he cannot bring himself to tell her the truth even when she’s adamant about putting on a public concert. We all enjoyed the film particularly the ending which doesn’t conclude as predicted…
I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Easter especially for those of us who face a long term of revision and exams when we get back.

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