Views from the Headmistress’ study – 29th April 2016

Dear Parents,

This week we had two very contrasting assemblies from Year 10.

10S celebrated the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and highlighted to us some of the important events and achievements during her 90 years. I knew that she officially owns all of the swans in the River Thames but I also learnt that she holds official claim to all sturgeons, whales and dolphins in the waters surrounding the UK!

They finished their assembly by saying, ‘We chose the Queen because she is an important part of Britain and a strong, motivated woman. She has lived through many prime ministers, popes and she strives to raise funds as patron for her 600 charities and uses her position for the good of humanity. We believe she is an excellent role model for young women and girls everywhere and we should aspire to use our talents and gifts to show kindness and charity to all we can’.

10A took us back 30 years to the disaster at Chenobyle. It was heartbreaking to be reminded of the story and shown the ongoing effects of the explosion. There are plans to build a mega structure over the site in order to contain the radiation. The prayer this week is from their assembly.

Y8 and the Y10 Classicists visited the Roman Baths in Bath last week. They had a great time attending their workshops when they first arrived. The Y8s learnt about the important of Aquae Sulis to both Romans and Celts and, by using tombstones and inscriptions, learnt how the healing properties of the natural spring water attracted people from across the Roman Empire. Y10 had a slightly different focus and learnt how the Romans made and wore make-up and perfume. We spent the afternoon walking through the museum, exploring the layout of the baths and learning about the curse tablets, the hypocaust system and the kind of people that would have used the complex. It was a highly informative and interesting day which everyone enjoyed.

Y9 started off this week with a trip to the Roman palace at Fishbourne. This was a particularly exciting venture as we were able to walk in the footsteps of King Cogidubnus, who was believed to have lived there, and who we have met in the Cambridge Latin Course. We attended a superb workshop in which we learnt about the Romans and the Celts, their relationship with each other and the different ways in which they dressed. Five willing volunteers were dressed as a Roman man and woman, a male and female Celt and there was, of course, a slave! After lunch we wandered through the informative museum and gazed with awe at the mosaics that would have made the floor level of the North wing of the palace. It was wonderful to see the craftsmanship and skill that went into making such works of art.


On Wednesday, John Asbridge visited our school to talk to the girls in More’s Household about Art. John is an Independent Production Designer, who worked for the BBC for twenty five years before starting his own company. He has worked on sets for the theatre and many TV programmes from Doctor Who, Eastenders and New Tricks.

The girls responded very well, showing their interest by asking him many questions, which he encouraged them to do.

Our final speaker for this academic year is, Sir Paul Coleridge, a retired High Court Judge from the Family Division, who now runs the Marriage Foundation. He will be visiting next Wednesday.

We had some fantastic results in the swim gala this week against local schools. Well done to the following for winning their races:

Holly 25m backstroke, Hope and Aoife 25m breaststroke, Daphne 25m butterfly, Grace 25m freestyle and the Yr7’s and 9’s who won their relays.

Last night, parents, friends and girls were treated to a make up master class run by Ginni Bogle- professional makeup artist to the stars. We heard some ‘behind the scenes’ stories from the super model Heather Stewart Whyte and we were treated to some superb advice, makeovers and our nails painted from the experts and delicious sushi, The evening was in aid of the Children’s Trust and next week I will hopefully know how much money we raised for this very worthwhile charity. Thank you Ginni for hosting an extremely fun evening.

We had a sad moment today when we had to say goodbye to the chicks. Lessons can get back to normal again in the Science Department and it is lovely to know that they have gone to two wonderful homes with Miss Tahhan and with Eve Yr11.


Don’t forget to order your copy of the whole school photograph before 31st May. Your daughter will have been given ordering details from her form tutor, but please contact the school office if you have any questions.

Remember that there is no school on Monday due to the Bank Holiday.

Have a lovely long weekend,

Amanda Leach

Monday 2nd May Bank Holiday | SCHOOL CLOSED
Wednesday 4th May Household Event – Law
Monday 9th May Year 11 & L6th Study Leave
Tuesday 10th May Activities Week Parents Meeting | 6pm

Prayer taken from 10A’s Assembly

Dear God,

What did yesterday teach? What will we learn tomorrow? Only the fact that I live today. Richer for joy and sorrow. Brighter lessons subtly taught, wise through experience gained. Nothing is wasted, forgotten or lost, when the spirit of peace is attained. Let us remember the people, animals and nature ruined by the nuclear destruction caused in Chernobyl 30 years ago. Amen

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