Activities Week – Year 10 in Sussex – We’re More House Girls: Get us out of here!!!

Little did the Year 10 girls know, but they had enrolled in 2016’s edition of ‘I’m a More House Girl… GET ME OUT OF HERE!’
After arriving in what can only be described as a monsoon, the team gathered in the hut ready for instruction. A special mention goes to Cara Hawkins, who managed to arrive with a broken collar bone, having been a little over zealous in her Jujitsu class over the weekend.
The girls were shown how to pitch their tents- which they managed with varying degrees of success- and then headed out on their first walk of the week. Bruce Lee, our every patient instuctor brought them back tired but cheerful and ready for an evening meal.
Having cooked their own dinner on the tangier stoves (again, varying success (!)), we welcomed them to the first of the weeks ‘Field Tucker Trials’. Each group nominated a brave member who was blindfolded and then had to eat ‘Deer eyes’ and ‘badger poo’ (Physalis and Falafel). Well done to Alex, Alana, Cara and Nancy, all of whom managed to secure their teams first gold star, which allows them treats later in the week!
After an evening game of rounder, the girls headed to bed, a little damp, but in high spirits, ready for day 2!
Miss Devine, Miss Minto and Miss Hollobon.

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