Activities Week 2016 – Year 7 in Germany – 21st June

Day 2

Today was an important day in Boppard, not only because the mighty Northern Ireland faced Germany in the Euros, but perhaps more importantly it was Maria’s 12th Birthday! And not even a 7:45 am wake up call could ruin her day.

After the long journey yesterday and some late night karaoke we were expecting low energy levels and a more subdued group today… we were very very wrong! The girls brought the energy in abundance again. After a traditional German breakfast we took a short walk along the Rhein to the Sesselbahn (chair lift). As we passed the restaurants and cafés along the river, who were proudly flying their German flags in support of their team in the Euros, nerves began to build. Some people’s nerves were directed towards the big match in the evening (…just me then?) whereas the rest felt the nerves as they got their first glimpse of the Sesselbahn and its steep incline.
Some girls discussed staying at the bottom and backing out as we approached, though in the end every single girl took the chairlift up and down the mountain enjoying spectacular views of the Rhein. “Face your fears” was the motto for the morning and we were all very proud of those who did with such a positive attitude.
On top of the mountain we ate lunch with the picturesque views of the town and river below us. Some girls let off some energy in the play park, some ate ice cream and enjoyed the views and one group of girls even put together a business plan for a restaurant idea…
Once we were back on lower land our drivers John and Dominic drove us to Koblenz to go swimming. Energy levels remained high as the girls spent 2 hours in the pool which included slides, a giant hammock and a hot tub. The teachers meanwhile struggled with a crossword, jealous of the fun being had in the pool!
After quick showers back at the hotel, it was time for dinner where a large screen had been set up showing the big match. The person wearing the only green shirt in the room had his eyes firmly fixed upon said screen, as did a large group of more relaxed German fans. The girls were more interested in the lovely buffet laid on at the hotel and had worked up quite an appetite after their swimming!
The planned Mini Golf was postponed due to rain which meant an extended birthday party for Maria! Maria had a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung to her by the restaurant (as well as “Zum Geburtstag viel Glück”) before receiving a card and cake from More House. A karaoke dance party then took place as some hits from Britney Spears, John Lennon, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber (among others) got the Year 7 treatment. The dance floor was full for every single song displaying a vast range of dance moves (we even saw some slow dancing to a ballad!)
To end the day we took a walk along the river towards another play park for some fresh air before heading back to our rooms for some much needed rest.
Tomorrow will be our first venture into Boppard town centre as well as a boat trip up the Rhein to St Goar and some bowling.
We wish Maria a very Happy Birthday and hope she remembers it for years to come!
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Mr Carroll

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