Activities Week – Year 10 in Sussex – Walking with Baggage

Thankfully the rain passed and the girls were able to get out and about in the Sussex countryside in relative dryness!

After a hearty breakfast and a briefing from Bruce, the girls learnt the Camp Craft skills needed to complete the expedition. Judging from the state of some the tents last night, this lesson was only partially successful! Route cards were made as the girls focused on their course for the afternoon.
Following lunch, they packed up their backpacks and headed out. Susuka was named orienteer of the day for her excellent navigation skills and managed to guide her group home quickly and efficiently. The other groups weren’t as great. We’ll assume they were blown away by the natural beauty of the local countryside and so were a little distracted from the task of map reading! Luckily, More House girls are always able to pull this skill out of the bag when needed, and we have every faith in them being able to focus and make it around on Thursday and Friday!
I’m a More House Girl: GET ME OUT OF HERE! continued in the evening, with a second round of field tucker trials. Helena, Zahra, Fareedah and Sara stepped up and put their bravest hand forward for “What’s in the box?”. A revolting concoction of cream, baked beans, dried meal worms and glace cherries held the stars and the girls delved in to try and win a treat for their team later in the week.  Once again, we were impressed by their team spirit and willingness to do anything for a bar of chocolate!
For the second night, the girls and staff gathered together to try and out riddle on another- Hatty showed her riddle-iculous talent for cracking codes whilst everyone else was left baffled. Tired and ready for the mid week rest day, we and the girls headed off to bed!
Miss Devine, Miss Minto and Miss Hollobon. 

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