Activities Week 2016 – Year 7 in Germany – Day 3

Another busy day was planned on day 3 of the Boppard trip which again got off to an early start. With Northern Ireland (and Germany) officially qualified for the knockout stages of Euro 2016 morale was high in the Rheinlust hotel!

After breakfast we took a walk through Boppard’s beautiful town centre where the girls finally had an opportunity to spend some of the Euros that were burning holes in their pockets! A range of souvenirs, snacks and jewellery were bought in what was turning into a very warm and humid day.
We took a short walk towards the river where we boarded a boat to take us up the Rhein to the town of St Goar. It was a relaxing break to the trip as we sat out in the open air, with an ice cream in hand, taking in the postcard views of the stunning Rhine Valley. Some girls played cards, others admired the old fashioned German houses along the river and others took the time to hang out and chat.
Our drivers John and Dominic were there to greet us in St Goar before we boarded a shuttle train up to Rheinfels Castle. After eating our packed lunches in the Castle grounds we were treated to a quick tour around the castle. The Castle dates all the way back to 1245 (or the year I was born according to some girls) and the girls were fascinated by some of the gory details of its past. The most interesting stories included tales of the slaughterhouse, how the residents disposed of their ‘toilet waste’ and how 8 year old children would drink between 300ml and 1 litre of wine a day as it was safer than the water there!

We took a walk through the dark, narrow, underground tunnels of the Castle which we were warned were not suitable for the claustrophobic among us. Keeping with the theme of the week, a large group of girls who were scared to enter the narrow tunnels decided to give it a go anyway. I was really impressed with not only how the girls overcame their fears but how they encouraged and helped each other despite their own nerves. Once we got above ground and reentered the daylight we were led into “Europe’s largest fridge” to cool off. Here we were treated to a song by our tour guide in the natural acoustics of our surroundings… only after Miss Dale had led our girls in a song first of course!
Straight from the Castle we went bowling where small rivalries appeared on each lane. One rivalry that overshadowed all others was the competition between our drivers John and Dominic. John won this time but was reminded by Dominic they are now equal overall. This rivalry would reappear later on…
Back at the hotel and after some showers, phone calls home and another fantastic dinner we walked down to a park by the river where we took part in some team building games. Our 6 teams (led by Captains Gaby, Ella, Daphne, Margot, Phoenix and Cece) took part in some short games where they worked as a team competing to win 3 separate challenges.
The first challenge was to try and move Skittles from one cup to another using only a straw and not using their hands. The most successful tactic was to suck up the Skittle and drop it into the cup two at a time. Other tactics included making the straw into a spoon and scooping the Skittles across.
Challenge 2 was the most popular for the girls, the teachers, Dominic and John. In this challenge the girls were blindfolded and had to guess the colour of a Skittle using taste alone. This was more difficult than they thought… but not for our full sighted ‘referees’ who seemed to be of the “one for you, one for me” mindset. The best score was 14 out of 16 by Cece’s team. We can not confirm the amount of Skittles lost to “teacher sampling”.
In our final challenge girls were given a mystery object and picked two mystery words out of a bag. As a group they had to come up with a story using those 3 pieces of information and their own creativity. The girls worked brilliantly as a team to come up with some entertaining and imaginative stories that they only had 5 minutes to plan. Highlights included John the driver making a cameo as a dead giant (who could talk), Amalia appearing as an apple (the actual apple prop rolled away and is now somewhere down the Rhine river) and a story about a rubber duck who turned against it’s Broadway star owner. The duck would eventually replace the star and put her out of a job! Imagination is not something we lack here… The overall results of the evening will be announced tomorrow on our way to Phantasialand.
We’re looking forward to a hot day tomorrow at Phantasialand theme park for our last full day here in Boppard!

Bis Morgen!

Mr Carroll (Not born in 1245)

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