Activities Week 2016 – Year 9 in Dorset – Day 3

Day 2 evening was the Line Walk. Obviously all the girls thought this was just too simple until they realised they had to blind folded and listen to instructions and trust their leader. Juliet and Lily were excellent leaders as they encouraged  their teams to take part in activities and challenges. Crawling through a tunnel blindfold really does take some effort, especially as the girls were imagining spiders and pitfalls which were just not there!

On Wednesday we woke to rain and mist but it was not much of a deterrent as it was wet activity day – raft building and power boating along the coast.
The girls had to work in teams and after some instructions about ropes and knots they were expected to build a a raft out of poles and drums. After which they were expected to paddle off in it – easier said than done!
Power boating along the coast was brilliant! We went all the way around Studland bay closing in on Old Harry and his wife – an eroded rocky pile named after a pirate from time gone by. The girls could see for first hand the erosion taking place at the foot of the cliffs, along with the sedimentary markings of the Jurassic period and beyond. Mr La Franais was in his element as much of this topic is covered in geography.
After a wet morning where we were challenged by the elements, the afternoon was altogether a much quieter activity.  After a a tasty packed lunch there was Bush Craft which took place in the forest.  The group had create fire using a magnesium stick and and a cotton bud as well s search for kindling, create shelter as well as make bread with their newly created fire!
The incentive of home baked bread using wild garlic for flavouring created a high level of enthusiasm!

Mr Hegarty

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