Activities Week – Year 10 in Sussex – Thunderbolts and lightening very very frightening, Galileo.

We awoke on day 3 refreshed having had a lovely lie in (30mins). After a slow but steady morning we headed to Sainsburys and Starbucks to acquire vital essentials for the expedition.

We have to say, we were incredibly impressed by the selections that the girls made. They worked as a team to purchase sensible, well balanced and realistic meal options.

Spirits were buoyed by a mocha-chocca-frappe-latte with an additional shot of vanilla from Starbucks. Perhaps more importantly there was use of a comfortable dry chair.

We headed back to play some rounders and test our nerves on the high ropes, a challenge that all those attempted seemed thrilled with. They had to climb a vertical pole and balanced with four people on a platform before jumping off. Rather you than me.

In the evening, against all odds, Miss Minto managed to light a fire despite dripping wet wood and clearly put her Girl Guide training into practice.

After a rousing rendition of kum-by-ya the girls participated in their 3rd Field Tucker Trial – roasting a marshmallow. Almost on cue with the finish of our sing song the heavens opened and the most almighty thunderstorm began. This descended into absolute chaos due to leaking tents, thunder-ophobia and some very tired campers.

It is safe to say that we are somewhat tired this morning, yet, feel like we will definitely earn our Bronze awards!

Miss Minto


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