Activities Week 2016 – Year 7 in Germany – Day 4

If we thought yesterday was hot and humid, today brought it to a new level. With temperatures reaching around 34 degrees Celsius, shade was a hard thing to find as we walked around Phantasialand today.

Phantasialand is a large theme park about an hour and a half from Boppard which boasts themed areas from Mexico, USA, China and Berlin. We were definitely not the only school there as dozens of German school trips descended upon Phantasialand to celebrate the end of the Abschluss exams (German equivalent to the GCSEs). Each school was dressed in amusing matching T-Shirts to mark the end of this important part of their education. Miss Stojanovic and myself in particular enjoyed the various slogans and puns they’d chosen for their leavers shirts. Our favourite was worn by a boy which showed a picture of the actor Morgan Freeman and said “Heute Abschluss, Morgen Free Man”. A translingual pun that we enjoyed perhaps too much…

But the most memorable moments of the day, of course, came from More House girls. Due to the heat, the water rides became the most popular attractions. Other rides they enjoyed included haunted hotels, high swings, carousels and an old wooden roller coaster train which dipped through tunnels before going from the cool and dark inside to the hot and bright outside. The heat got too much for some who preferred cold drinks and ice creams in the shade. The churro stand and Eiscafé were popular locations for those who didn’t want to queue for rides in the heat!
We gathered together one last time before making our way to the Bus where John and Dominic had the air conditioning and bottles of water ready for our arrival. We played a film but with the heat and the length of the journey more people chose to watch the back of their eye lids than “Night At The Museum”. Eine deutsche Siesta!
Back in Boppard we all squeezed in one final round of souvenir shopping before our final dinner together in the hotel. The highlight of the evening was the Annual More House Boppard Talent Show. Highlights included a stunning duet from Gabby and Victoria, a rendition of Rhianna’s “Diamonds” by Sophie, John Lennon’s “Imagine” by Paula and Yazzi and Gaia singing with some enthusiastic backing dancers. There were two dance acts as well from Amalia, Nicole, Daphne and Kirsty and Jagger and Scarlett.
My personal highlight (and the unanimous winner) was Ella’s performance of “Alphabet Aerobics” by Blackalicious. It didn’t just leave myself and the table of teachers speechless but an entire tour bus of travelers who were also eating in the restaurant. The fact she rapped in time without losing her breath was made more impressive by the fact that she knew the whole rap off by heart. The DJ told me he had never seen anything like it. You would have to see it to believe it! Well done to everyone who performed and to everyone who was so supportive no matter who was onstage.
The evening was brought to a close by a surprise appearance by Boppard’s favourite One Direction tribute act. The girls were in shock as Miss Dale, Miss Stojanovic, Miss Brown, Miss Gunner and myself picked up microphones and took to the stage to perform “What Makes You Beautiful”. Talks of an album deal and a tour are already in the works… I can confirm however that I will not be replacing Zayn.
As I write this we are all packed and ready for an early start in the morning. 5:30am wake up to be precise… We aim to be in London at 6pm (depending on traffic) and the girls will have their phones with them should you need to contact them.
To close I just want to give a couple of thank yous. Thank you so much to Miss Brown for organising such a well planned trip and for all the hard work that has gone into making this happen. Thanks as well to Miss Stojanovic, Miss Gunner and Miss Dale for helping to make the whole trip go smoothly and for making this week so much fun!
A massive thank you from all at More House to John and Dominic our drivers who have been such a huge part of this week. The girls will have very fond memories of the jokes and riddles on the bus, your enthusiasm at our activities and your helpfulness and kindness throughout the week.
Last but not least, we want to thank the girls for their incredible attitudes, behaviour and manners all week. They have been an absolute credit to More House School. So often during the week we were approached by residents in the hotel or shop owners to compliment the girls on their excellent behaviour. They’ve been so positive and supportive of each other all week which has been a real joy to see.
On that positive note… it’s time for bed… See you tomorrow London!

Mr Carroll

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