Activities Week – Year 10 in Sussex – Days 4 & 5

Day 4:
Thursday morning’s sun rose and with it our campers, full of excitement for their impending expedition.

The thunderclouds had passed and although the day could not be described as glorious it was at this point dry. Much to the walkers delight the tents were too wet and heavy to carry so they made their way into the back of Bruce’s van. After a quick pep talk from the instructors the girls set off on their way to Broadstone Warren, an idyllic scouting campsite. The girls were efficient and put their navigational skills to good use and Bruce was impressed that they were able to utilise the compass to keep them on course.

Following the morning trek all but one girl managed to cook a hearty lunch on their trangea stove. It should be noted the Alex managed to forget all her food, thankfully the other girls, in the spirit of the award, rallied around to ensure she had sufficient food supply.

A mere 2 hours later the girls had pitched camp in their overnight stop, just in time for yet another ridiculous downpour. This year’s team have been subjected to the most horrendous weather but full credit to them for (on the whole) keeping spirits high and sticking with it.

Luckily, this morning, our meteorological luck seems to have changed and the girls have been able to complete their trek in radiant sunshine. As we write this, we await their return to the original campsite at Blackland Farm and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every trekker for powering through what has been an extremely challenging week.

Particular shout outs go to:
1 – Molly Chapman for being an all round mega camper.
2 – Alex Howlett for having a great sense of humour throughout the week.
3 – Rojina Mahdieh for defying all odds and being able to look immaculate throughout the week.
4 – Cara Hawkins for completing the D of E with a broken collar bone.
5 – Fareedah for staying cool, calm and collected (mostly) in the face of adversity.
6 – Mary for being the least hassle of all campers.
7 – Charlotte for being the dog whisperer and Jeff for not barking in the thunderstorms.

From this year’s D of E, until next year… Mint and Dev, signing off.



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