How More Green Are You?

How More Green Are You?

Following on from the launch of More Green, our whole school eco-project, we had a fantastic day yesterday with the majority of the school involved in various activities.

In essence the focus of More Green is to develop the girls’ thinking about global resources and sustainability. Each year they will have opportunities to explore in cross-curricular and extra-curricular ways, global topics regarding their macro and micro-environments and the impact of individual and collective decisions on the future of our planet. In the sixth form they can use this to develop their qualifications via an extended project and to visit the Amazon Rainforest.


Key outcomes of More Green are:

  • To develop awareness and understanding of the environment and surrounding issues
  • To improve our own ecological behaviour regarding sustainability inside and outside school
  • To explore positives ways we can promote and sustain our environment
  • The most ambitious project
  • Some elements used the talent within the schools (busking)
  • Reaching out into the community.
  • Accessing wider networks (Ritz)

More Green Day Sept 14th 2016

The day opened with an environmental talk to the juniors, from Nicholas Holliman and the Science department, whilst the seniors enjoyed an informative talk given by Phil Williams bringing us topics of concern, regarding the ecological problems we are facing. He spoke of how if we do not do anything to help the bees we could watch our whole race being wiped out.

The whole day taught us about how saving the environment is extremely important to our race and other species of animals. And how there are many ways in which we can save them and slow down climate change. – Phoebe

The school was divided into 4 groups, each focusing on different activities.

Years 7 and 8 completing an audit of eco issues in school. The outcomes of their discoveries were presented to a panel of judges using fantastically creative displays.  The judges were hard pressed to pick the 3 projects of the 9 to go forward to be implemented. The implementation team will meet on Fridays in Eco club and feedback on their progress.

The girls were joined by Environmental expert – Nicholas Holliman, who enriched their understanding and provided a wealth of energy and support throughout the day – thank you!

Year 9 worked with Wenta, a social enterprise group, to complete a financial audit of the school’s sustainability, waste and recycling and presented their findings to a panel of judges who chose the winning team.

Eco day was on Wednesday the 14th of September 2016. Special guest Phil Williams came and explained to us why us doing this was so vital. So we had a day creating projects with our teams.  We were assigned various areas to audit. We were asked to create a project that as a school we could implement so we can win an eco school award. – Judy

After assembly our year group was told to gather into groups and do an audit about sustainably, travel, recycling, reducing, reusing, green energy, sun energy and electricity. After collecting our new data we were told to think of a project with our new data. The projects had to meet a certain criteria for the end of the day our projects would be judged by the Deputy Heads and Bursar and they would choose a winner and that winner’s idea would be used by the school. The winner turned out to be the group who were wanting to save the school money by low cost methods and tools. – Phoebe and Josie

This is what every team had to say about their audits set by Sharon:

Group one (Genevieve, Maia, Leonore, Clara, Victoria, Leila) was given sustainability(sustainability is the property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely). They found out that our school has space to grow food and it does not provide a good habitat for the local wildlife. It can do it though, as we have tiles that can be turned into grass and space to grow fruits, bee hives can be put in along with bird food in a bird stand, also chickens for eggs. All the money we would use to making food would go to charity.

Group two comprised Millie, Hope, Liv, Eya ( Low Cost, No Cost ). They went around the school collecting a survey of information from the staff. Then they went and made a presentation about energy and saving electricity for the school. They found that the total of money wasted on unused energy is 10,000 pounds! This shows us how expensive energy is and why we should save that money for more charitable things.

Group three were given the audit of Energy Saving. All the members ( Kayla, Judy, Anya, Emilie and Simran ) had their own job to do so they could get more detailed pieces of information. They found that the energy expenses for the school per month are 18,000 pounds! But on the bright side the school does use energy efficient light bulbs. School windows were found not double glazed and almost a quarter of all classrooms, on average, keep their lights on when not necessary. No radiators were covered by furniture so on colder days the students get more use of the heater.

Group four focused on Recycling Reduce and Reuse. They also went around the school ( during the audit of course ) and rallied up information on the schools recycling bins, if our school used any external recycling companies and what we actually do recycle. Paper and plastic bottles were, however they would like it if we took batteries, ink cartridges and any ways of reducing paper usage into consideration. The school’s recycling company is Westminster City Council and does not have a process of reusing items.

Group five learned about public transport. They found out that 4 people travelled by car, 26 people travelled by bus, 10 people walked and 25 people travelled by train or tube. They found that a lot of people would travel by bike, however there are only four bike parking spaces in front of the school, an increase might allow people to be more active and help protect the environment form pollution. ( from my calculations ) 84% approx.* of people going to More House School travelled using public uses of transport that can potentially destroy the environment.

We would like to say a quick thank you for al the people that have made eco day possible, it opened our minds and made us more focused on making our world a better place. – Judy

Congratulations to :

Low Cost; No Cost – Hope, Millie, Olivia, Eya and Josie, who wowed the judges with a selection of eco supporting low cost solutions to reduce our cost on both the environment and school budgets.

The project will again be implemented by the team in Eco Club. Watch this space for further details…

Year 11 engaged in an Eco debate, led by Eco warrior Phil Williams. At the end he asked the girls to write about the world they want:

I want the world to be a positive place, where essential things such as sanitation are cheaply available; where people listen to others on how we can respect each other and our planet; where everyone is equal – Cara

Every child should have the right to an education and happy childhood, not being exploited for cheap labour, just to satisfy our selfish and vain ways. I hope our world will be a better place – Fareedah

A world where we respect the importance of biodiversity as well as different cultures, races and religions; where nothing is taken for granted; a healthy world with an end to global warming – Francoise

Years 12 and 13, meanwhile, also working with Wenta business gurus, were engaged on a leadership and project management day for creating fundraising solutions to support eco charities and to fundraise for their Amazon Rainforest trip this summer.

We started with a fully immersive morning in the world of the Amazon with our inspiring Phil, who gave us a talk on the importance of sustainability not only in our homes, but the wider world and more importantly the Rainforest – a place where over 60% of our species and medicine can be found. More often than not they can only be found in this particular habitat and at the current rate of deforestation, if nothing is done by 2040, the damage will be irreparable.

This was a real eye opener and I’m sure many of us, if not all, will think twice before forgetting to turn off the lights or recycle. In the afternoon we started brainstorming possible fundraisers and business ideas, including an ambitious charity ball at the Ritz! We were very lucky to have a distinguished panel of Dragons to present our ideas to.

Six teams competed with such varied offerings including: spas, silent discos and colour runs to name but a few! After a short 4 minute presentation, the judges were given time to deliberate and the winning idea was a series of events including an outdoor summer concert and busking. – An excellent idea, given the enormous amount of musical talent on show already at our school. Congratulations to the winners: Matty, Maria, Ameena, Grace and Lucy. Their team event, Coconut Jam was an outward looking and ambitious series of events and the judges felt there was also the ability to include elements from the other team event ideas, such as starting the main event with a colour run, using the DJ contacts from the silent disco for the party.

A huge thank you to the judges, Susan Meadows, Gillian Drinkall, Chantal Coady and Sunita Le Tourneil.  We look forward to bringing these ideas to life as a sixth form to benefit the More Green projects for the school and beyond. – Millie

EPQ update – A further outcome of the day was to get the girls to consider how they might develop their ideas and undertake an Extended Project Qualification. This equates to upto 70 tariff points for UCAS (University) entry.

Amazon Trip – This is currently being costed and potential dates are likely to be during July 2016.

A huge thank you to all the girls and staff for a wonderfully educational experience to kick off More Green Activities this year.

Mrs Hunt

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