Music Tour to Austria – Day 1

Grüss Gott aus Wien!

We have successfully arrived in Austria.
After a bright and early start, a quick flight from Heathrow (minus the 30 minute delay because a family of 4 got lost in the Terminal) and a short bus ride, we arrived at our hotel in the hills overlooking Vienna. The girls settled in to their rooms, unpacked and relaxed until the first rehearsal. After a rousing rendition of the programme we ate dinner. Further rehearsals followed and it is fair to say that the hills are well and truly alive (with the sound of More House).

While the Senior Chamber Choir were perfecting their doh-rey-mi’s the girls in Year 7,8 and 9 were contestants in the Sophienalpen academic and physical challenge night. To ease the girls in we hosted a general knowledge round. Round 2 was a music round where the girls had to guess the hit songs from 2010-2015, the difficult element of this round was that the songs were played backwards – this did not fool our resident pop moguls. Round 3 was the Austrian round – Frau Braun quizzed the girls on their knowledge of Austrian greetings and culture. Round 4 was the sporting trivia round and finally round 5 was the random challenge round. This was the highlight of the evening with the girls nominating a member of their team for each of the 5 challenges in a battle with the other groups – the challenges were: hold the plank, 10 second rap, say the alphabet backwards, quickest hair braiding and weirdest body movement. We had some wonderful entrants – Maia did a fantastic rap (with actions), Josie and Yasmin held the plank for over 3 minutes and Leonore did a very neat braid on her own hair. Perhaps the least successful was the alphabet challenge, Katharine succeeded by getting to ‘O’ however some others didn’t get pass Y! The star of the show was Elisabeth with her hypermobile joint trick which made us all turn away and scream!

This morning we have a few last minute rehearsals before our first concert in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna. Afterwards we travel to Amadeus School where we will perform in front of 200 pupils. Over the weekend we will see some of the sights in Vienna, practise our German (at Frau Brown’s insistence) and eat copious amounts of schnitzel and strudel.

Bis Montag!

Fraulein Minto

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