Views from the Headmistress’ study – 18th November 2016

Dear Parents,

Last week at Prizegiving we celebrated a whole year but even one week is busy at More House!

It was lovely to see so many parents, family, friends and old girls joining us at Holy Trinity to reminisce and celebrate the wonderful achievements of all of our girls. The choirs sounded amazing and Rebecca Hilsenrath, as our guest speaker, gave us lots to take away and think about.


We have had a mixed range of results in PE this week. On Tuesday the U13A and B teams played Queen’s Gate and Francis Holland, there were some excellent performances from some individuals, notably, Yasmin Hayward at GA, Emilia Chester at C for the A’s and Cecelia for the B’s.

The U15s played a fast paced intense match against Francis Holland. It was a fantastic spectacle and was hugely competitive throughout. The final score was 21-18.

On Thursday we battled against the elements and had 5 teams out playing plus two teams training at Battersea. That was over 50 girls playing netball – what a fantastic turnout! The U14s beat Portland Place 6-2 and the player of the match was Phoebe who dominated the GA position.

A huge congratulations to Emma and Niamh who have both qualified for the World Championships in Irish Dancing. They will be competing in Dublin next year- good luck to them both!

Mrs Taylor had a great trip to The Leicester Square Theatre on Sunday with her A Level Drama group. She took the girls to see a show called Maestro Impro which involved two groups of actors taking part in live improvisations in front of a small studio audience. There was a great deal of audience involvement and the girls were brilliant at shouting out ideas for the actors to use in their improvisations! The girls reported feeling inspired by the show and are now keen to try out some of the techniques and games that were used. It will no doubt inform their devised drama pieces and help to make them even better improvisers! What a fun night out!

We had a combined Classics and History of Art trip venture to Italy on a whistle stop tour of the places and paintings which they have been studying in their lessons- no wonder they came back exhausted!

Mrs Hunt has written an account here and Grace (Lower Sixth) wrote:

‘On 11th November at 5.30am five History of art students  arrived at Gatwick  and made it to Florence in one piece, and slightly tired. Having arrived we were greeted by rain and a lot of amazing architecture. The tourist day started of course with the first pizza. After climbing up what seemed like a ladder to the sky we got to the top of the first bell tower of Santa Maria Novella. The views incredible. We then saw the Capella Brancacci and learnt about why churches were built so tall. The answer being that the taller the church the closer to God you were. During the duration of the trip we saw some mind blowing ceilings in museums and cathedrals. I especially liked the Santa Maria Novella ceiling. The highlight of the trip for me was climbing the 400 steps to the top of the Duomo. It was very terrifying but with encouragement from Mrs Hunt we got over our vertigo and in the end we all made it to the top!  Again the view was incredible. Going up when it was dark was amazing because we could see the whole of Florence lit up. We also were the only people at the top which made the whole experience even more memorable. We all made it down the many steps which were so very steep. The stairs at school are now going to be a walk in the park! My favourite piece of art was the Holy Trinity by Masaccio  in Santa Croce.

We then went to Rome and met the classics students. The highlight of Rome was going back to the Vatican City and seeing where we had sung on the choir trip. Seeing the Sistine Chapel was also incredible, more wonderful ceilings by Michel Angelo. Thank you to Mrs Hunt for taking us to see the most amazing amount of art and being a great tour guide.’

Mrs Gilbertson raced around with the Classics group and here is her account:

‘The Classics students in Years 10-13 had a whirlwind adventure in Sorrento and Rome this weekend. Arriving at Pompeii directly from the airport we were treated to a two hour tour by a wonderful Italian guide. We were able to ‘perform’ in the incredibly well preserved theatres, snoop around various houses whilst admiring the frescoes, and walk the streets passing just a few of the 86 thermapolia (hot fast food stands) and numerous water fountains that local Pompeians would have stopped at in their daily lives. The view of Vesuvius towering over the city was awe inspiring.

The next morning we left the hotel in torrential way and made our way to Vesuvius herself. Luckily the weather cleared up and we had the most incredible views of the volcano as we approached. The entire group successfully made it to the summit (from the coach park with only one kilometre left to go!) from where we gasped at the views over the Bay of Naples and gasped even harder as we looked down into the crater. We could see a number of geysers spouting clouds of white steam which made the volcanic aspect all the more real. We stopped at a lovely restaurant on the way back down and were able to enjoy some well deserved pasta with the stunning views. A short coach ride later and we were on another two hour tour, this time of the ancient city of Herculaneum. While Pompeii had been destroyed by the pyroclastic flow and the fall of ash and pumice, Herculaneum had met with a very large and all consuming wall of mud which the volcano later spewed. The mud, however, had preserved Herculaneum even better than Pompeii, and although the majority of the town is as yet unexcavated as it lies under the modern city, we were able to gain a real appreciation for the people who had lived and worked here. It was an emotive exploration but allowed us a glimpse into the lives of these people.

Our next stop was Rome. Once we had settled into our hotel and said hello to the History of Art group, we set off to find the Pantheon and to have a little bit of free time around the Trevi Fountain. Monday morning was dedicated to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Walking in the footsteps of the ancients in their entertainment venue was quite sobering as we listened to our guide telling us about the savagery that the Romans enjoyed. Although the Forum is a jumble of ruins, we were able to pick out various buildings and points of interest to bring home the political and social importance of this space. The views over Rome from the Palatine Hill were sensational. After all this exploration it was certainly time for lunch! We moved on to the Spanish steps to reward the girls for all their concentration with a bit of shopping time.

Despite having to leave on Tuesday we still made the most of the time and went in search of the Scala Santa, the steps which, according to Catholic tradition, Jesus climbed to meet Pontius Pilate and his death sentence, brought over to Rome by St Helena in the fourth century. Pilgrims may only ascend the stairs on their knees. We then wandered back in the direction of the Colosseum and we able to stop and look at the recently excavated training ground of the gladiators. Although the majority of it is still covered by modern roads, we could clearly see the smaller amphitheatre in which the men would train before passing through the underground tunnel to meet their fate at the Colosseum. Our visit to Italy was extremely successful, with the girls able to see many of the sites that they learn about in lessons.’

This week the Houses have been battling it out at ‘University Challenge’. Thursday’s round saw Canterbury All Stars (with the team made up of staff and girls) go from 4th place to being crowned overall champions.

A group of girls in year 10 have begun learning Japanese. They have only been doing it for a few weeks and the teacher is very impressed with how quickly the girls are picking up the language!


Lucy and Lydia in Lower VIth are selling beautiful handmade, personalised cushions to raise funds for their trip to the Amazon. They can do any design of your choice!  Be sure to email for more information or to place an order.


Tickets are now on sale for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Christmas Fair. You can buy them online here.

Xmas Fair 2016 Poster.pngmidsummerdraft1.jpg

Have a lovely weekend,

Amanda Leach

Sunday 20th November School Play Rehearsals for Whole Cast | 10am
Tuesday 22nd November Informal Concerts | 4.30pm onwards
Wednesday 23rd November More’s Household Speaker Event | 4pm
Monday 28th November Mufti Day | Bring a Bottle for Christmas Raffle






Prayer taken from our Spirit and Truth prayer book.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for all of our gifts and talents. Help us to see that we should use these in the service of others, and that our greatest reward lies in eternal life with You.

Lord  in your mercy:

Hear our prayer


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