Views from the Headmistress’ study – 6th January 2017

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Spring Term 2017. Thank you once again for the very many Christmas gifts that myself and the Staff received before the holidays.  It was most kind and I know that they were thoroughly enjoyed over the festive period.

I would like to introduce some new members of staff to you all. Clare Alexander has joined the Learning Support Department as SENCO and Jeannine Boulter, although not new, will be taking on the role of Director of Studies.

Year 11 are doing their Mock GCSEs at present so are not all in School all of the time and, as I write, we have the potential Year 7’s for the Class of 2017 sitting the Consortium Entrance Examination. Good luck to them all. In order to host all of the Year 6 girls for the examination, the Year 7, 8, 9 and 10s have spent the morning jumping around at Oxygen in Acton. They were due to have a sports festival in Battersea park, but the ground was frozen. It looks like they had a fantastic time!

Congratulations to Julia Year 10 who is currently in Portugal having been invited to play as an amateur on the Algarve Pro Golf Tour, which is very exciting and great experience for her. She has been lucky enough to obtain sponsorship for this trip and we wish her all the best.

Mr Anstice has started rehearsals for the Easter Choral concert, which will be held in Cadogan Hall. Save the date; April 3rd. Tickets will be available after half term.

The House Competitions are growing in number and this term sees the addition of a Religious Studies Challenge, alongside the regulars for the Spring Term; Countdown, The Tenner Challenge (Young Enterprise), Talent competition. MFL Challenge, Temple Run, Engineering Challenge, Maths Quiz, Drama Competition and Whacky Olympics. The Houses will also be raising money for their chosen charities.

In assembly this week, I spoke to the Juniors about how a new term and a new year brings with them new opportunities and the chance for a ‘fresh start’. The old term and the old year are behind us, so it is now time to move on into the future.

Although some of us like the idea of a fresh start, others don’t like change. However, within a school, change can be a way of making things better.

As you may or may not know, we have the School Council, where ideas are voiced, through a Form representative and the Head Girl and her Deputy and brought to my attention. I listen to all of their ideas and see what changes I can make possible.

For example:

  • the Eco team are very keen at getting more recycling bins around the school.
  • The girls wanted a new school coat and they now have one.
  • The girls don’t like the zips on the sports leggings and so we have asked Perry uniform to change the design.
  • The girls want us to fix the water fountain and see if it is possible to put another one somewhere in the building. With an old building like ours, it is not the easiest thing to do, but I have some ideas!
  • They have asked for a change to the snacks offered at break and so we will see what they think when we introduce some healthier options when we kick off our Wellbeing week in a couple of weeks time.

Not only do we have the School Council but periodically we ask girls to complete questionnaires for us.

We asked some of the older girls what subjects they would be interested in learning in the Sixth Form and we are looking at having Psychology as a new A level. An exciting change!

The younger years wanted us to look at the fairness of credits and debits and so the Form tutors will be going through how these awards and sanctions are given out.

And we as Staff want to get the best out of each individual’s learning and so we as teachers are focusing on stretching and challenging all the girls in all of their lessons. Sometimes this is not as obvious (or as boring) as giving them an extra worksheet. It may be in the way they are asked a question by their teacher or how we want them to complete a task. We want all of the girls to have high expectations and to always give their best- I think that this is the biggest change that each and everyone of us could take on this term, let’s see how we get on!

So as you can see, another busy term ahead of us! Keep reading my views for all the latest news.

Have a lovely weekend,

Amanda Leach

Tuesday 10th January Year 9 Art Trip to the V&A
Wednesday 11th January Sixth Form History of Art Trip to the National Portrait Gallery
Thursday 12th January 8SG Trip to the Design Museum
Friday 13th January Year 8/9 HPV Injections


Dear God,

Thank you that your love towards us never ceases.

Thank you that, no matter what we’ve said or done, you never give up on us.

Thank you that every day is an opportunity for a fresh start.

Help us to take ownership of our lives and make wise decisions in our speech, time, attitude, reactions and talents so that we can become the people we dream of becoming.





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