Views from the Headmistress’ study – 13th January 2017

Dear Parents,

If you haven’t managed to find in the bottom of your daughter’s bag the latest copy of More Insight, look at our digital version here. It is a lovely reminder of the wonderful events, activities and achievements from last term.

This week the Houses have been battling it out with the annual Engineering Challenge. With limited materials, they have had to build a parachute to safely transport a jelly baby down from the 1st floor! Congratulations to Canterbury for a successful mission.

Year 11’s are finishing their mock examinations today and then it will be time for them to reflect on their performance. There is a Year 11 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday of next week where we shall be planning for the next few months.

Our 6th form geographers enjoyed a brief excursion to Western Riverside Waste Authority in Wandsworth learning about the 1350 tonnes of waste that four of our London Boroughs produce each day. Students have been investigating sustainable waste management as part of the World Cities topic and this provided a real insight into how our waste is disposed of. Unfortunately only 350 tonnes a day is recycled so our geographers are keen to make sure that More House does its bit in supporting our Eco-team in its mission to make the school”More Green”.

Miss Brown is running a peer mentoring course for some of the Year 10’s. Manaal, Stella, Nessie, Maddie, Sasha, Lily H and Danni, have been attending training sessions, run by George from Childline. The girls introduced themselves to the lower school and they will be available for a chat, every week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They will work in pairs and continue to have training from George for the rest of the academic year. The scheme is part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. Miss Brown has been very impressed with their maturity and dedication to the program and it will be great for the younger girls to have another avenue to voice their concerns and worries.


The Eco-Group presented an assembly this week and told us all about how they are working towards gaining an Eco Schools Award for More House. They showed us Hippo Bags that will be placed in our toilets and if you have any plastic bags at home, please could you give them to your daughter to bring in? The group are planning on using the plastic to knit some mats for the homeless. This is where they got the idea from:

Next week is Wellbeing Week and to start us off everyday there will be a healthy breakfast for £1.50 available from 8am. The week is full of exciting activities and we have talks on skin care and dental hygiene from the professionals. Looks to be an exciting week ahead!

Have a peaceful and restful weekend,

Amanda Leach

Monday 16th January Parents’ Association Meeting | 6.30pm
Wednesday 18th January Year 10/11 Booster Injections

Year 8 Cricket Tournament

Year 11 Parents’ Evening | 4.30-6.30pm

Monday 23rd January MFL Trips to France/Spain Parent Meetings – 6pm
Tuesday 24th January Year 9 Parents’ Evening | From 4.30pm

Prayer written by Olivia and read in the Eco assembly this week:

Nothing of the past will change, it’s over, done.

The future is rather different, it’s what’s to come.

The past now cannot hurt you, it’s memory.

The future’s more uncertain, it’s what to be.

The past can be remembered, with ribbon tied.

But the future future flies on wings, dreams undenied.

The past can be forgotten, put out of sight.

But the future’s early dawning, must see the light.

The past is very rigid, it will not bend.

But the future holds the healing of what must mend.

So think about the past but do not dwell

Of the future may scare you only time will tell.

Of one thing do be certain we all walk on.

Turning future into present

That’s where we belong



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