Views from the Headmistress’ study – 3rd March 2017

Dear Parents,

Last weekend we had the first ever More House fencing team venture down to Somerset to Millfield School to compete in the British School Team Championships U13 Epee. Well done to Eleanor, Katrina and Charlotte for their perseverance and fighting spirit.

It is official that we are Borough netball champions with our Year 8’s and Year 10’s. Well done girls and you thoroughly deserved this title and your certificates. Practice makes perfect!

Year 9 went off to the Tate Britain on Tuesday and Millie and Hope wrote the following after their visit:

‘We went to the Tate to see the Paul Nash exhibition as we were studying World War One in English and History.

We found it really interesting to see his work throughout the war period and see the different interpretations he had. We choose 4 paintings we enjoyed – I chose 2 paintings that were based at the war front and showed the horror and conflict in WW1 and two that were based after the war which showed the peace and serenity of post-war. I liked the contrast of the four images . Paul Nash is an expressive painter who creates vivid landscapes an example of this is “The Blue House on the Shore.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 11.57.34.png

In English this term year 9 are studying war poetry for example ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen. This is why we went to Paul Nash to see the war in our own eyes and really see what he was saying in is poetry. In history we are also learning about war, about how it started and the causes and this is the next topic we are starting in History of Art, in particular, the role of women in the War (WW1). We have been learning about the representation of women more generally, which includes: modern women; fallen women and domestic goddess images of women.

After lunch we went to the main galleries where we all had a task to find images representing these ideas of women. I loved the paintings by Turner. I found it very interesting to see how women were represented in paintings and in particular I really enjoyed seeing the works in real life, rather than in books.

I found this whole trip very beneficial for my learning and also think I improved my drawings skills as we had to sketch the paintings .

All of year 9 loved to trip to the Tate and many thanks to Miss Devine, Miss Owen and Mrs Hunt for organising this very interesting trip learning about Paul Nash and more about the representation of women.’

On Thursdays, members of our Sixth Form are completing a Political Literacy course run by SHOUT OUT UK. This course is accredited by AQA and will give the girls a sound understanding of UK and International political institutions, processes and controversies.

In the first session the girls were given an introduction to British politics, spoke about government systems and how UK democracy compares to other systems internationally. They analysed government departments and the roles of MPs, MEPs and councillors.

The session ended with a lively debate, with the girls choosing to discuss contraceptive rights and abortion in light of the recent US election. The course leader, Matteo, was extremely impressed with the level of engagement shown by the girls and reckons that there may be some budding politicians in the group!


The LAMDA girls performed monologues and duologues to their parents on Tuesday evening. It is wonderful to see their growing confidence and tackling a wide range of material.

Year 12 visited the cast gallery at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford on Thursday with Mrs Gilbertson. They had the opportunity to see many of the free-standing sculptures that are studied for AS ‘in the flesh’. After delivering presentations on the relevant sculptures and discussing their various features, it was time for lunch. After a quick refreshment they had the chance to look around the historic Balliol College. They were then met by Emma Searle, an art and archaeology research lecturer at Oxford University, back at the museum who talked about the concept ‘what is Art?’ It was eye opening and extremely interesting and gave them the chance to think about sculpture in a different light. She even let them see the part of the cast gallery that is not open to the public! It was a thoroughly rewarding day and the pupils and staff alike returned feeling enriched and somewhat enlightened.


It was Multicultural Day on Thursday with the whole school embracing the theme, by coming to school in national costume, wearing flags and accessories from their homelands. The finale was an evening of food, entertainment and presentations from around the world, where we aimed to raise as much money as possible for charity.

During the evening we had the premier of the Bollywood dancing group, Emma and Niamh wowed us with their Irish dancing, beautiful singing from many different countries and poetry and prose in different languages.

It was an amazing evening and made me feel very proud to be Headmistress of More House, which is so rich in diversity and culture. Thank you to Miss Dale who put the evening together. All the money raised is going to Room to Read – an amazing charity that supports keeping girls in school.  If you would still like to donate, or would like to learn more about the charity, please go to our Just Giving page here. We will be able to give you our grand total of money raised in next week’s newsletter!

We’re very much looking forward to our annual Quiz Night next Thursday. There are a few tickets still available to buy here, or you can contact your Form Rep.

Have a lovely weekend,

Amanda Leach

Dates for the diary:

Monday 6th March Ski Trip Meeting for Parents | 6.30pm
Tuesday 7th March Year 7 Parents’ Evening | 4.30-6.30pm
Wednesday 8th March Composers’ Concert | 6pm
Thursday 9th March MHPA Quiz Night | 7.30pm





Prayers of the Week

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.27.48.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.28.08.png


Ash Wednesday in Two Minutes

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