Views from the Headmistress’s Study

Dear Parents,

This week, I have been at the Catholic Independent Schools’ Conference. The event has revolved around the topic of ‘Catholic School and Gospel Values’. It is interesting to see that many aspects of Catholic education have remained the same since the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education published ‘The Catholic School’ in 1977.

However, new forms of Catholicity are maturing in our schools, which is wonderful to see as we guide those in our care. It would be an interesting piece of research to see how our alumnae have been ‘shaped’ by a Catholic education and hopefully become women who think about their contribution to social good instead of only thinking about themselves.

In other news this week, Ella, Maia, and Cecily spoke to us in assembly about ‘Allergy Awareness’, which is very close to their hearts. They invited us all to wear orange on Thursday and support their charity. Well done girls on raising awareness and raising £144.48! As always, the fundraising initiative of More House girls is touching and impressive.

Awards at More House

A number of girls in Years 7 & 8 won awards in the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge. Congratulations to the following:

Gold: Yasmine B
Silver: Anna, Amelie
Bronze: Marie, Lina, Maddy, Leen

Also, well done to Emilie B-C in Year 10 for passing her Grade 7 LAMDA examination!

This week was also House Music Competition week at More House – each girl received 1 house point for entering, 3 house points for third place, 5 house points for second place, 10 house points for first place, and 7 house points for the Judges’ Special Award. Here were the results:

Instrumental Grades 1-3

1st: Lizzie K

2nd: Olaya O-G

3rd: Gisele L-M

Vocal Grades 1-3

1st: Ella E

2nd: Kira M

3rd: Gaia B and Clementine K

Vocal Grades 4-8

1st: Millie P

2nd: Nessie O

3rd: Caroline K

Instrumental Grades 4-8

1st: Raya A

2nd: Clara B

3rd: Sara M


1st: Phoenix D and Matilda M

2nd: Mattie B and Mim A

3rd: Katrina C and Clementine K

Judges’ Special Award

Millie, Nessie, Cecily, Matilda, and Francesca

More’s Household Trips

Last Friday, More’s Household joined forces with the Science department and took some of the girls for an inspirational tour round Imperial College, London. Their student guides showed them everything on offer there. The girls were impressed with the many opportunities available and the number of courses. They thoroughly enjoyed their tour and asked a number of interesting questions.


On Wednesday, Mrs Tunnicliffe and Ms Dale took some of the Householders from Years 9 and 10 to visit Cambridge University. On arrival, they met their tour guide, a post-graduate student from America. She showed them around the city and even gave them a sneak peek of the debating room at the student union. Their guide was very informative and discussed some celebrated alumnae who had attended various colleges there.


After lunch, they were met by some more students from the Mathematics and Physics departments and taken to the Engineering building. Here, the girls were given a taster session called, ‘Message in Music,’ where using maths, they had the opportunity to make musical notes to create a tune. The girls enjoyed the day and are looking forward to visiting Oxford University next year.

Exam Season – How Can You Prepare?

The Year 11s and Sixth Formers are well in the throws of their examinations and we wish them all the best. But what about the parents enduring the next couple of months? If you have time, read some of these articles by The Telegraph and the BBC.

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