Activities Week Reports

Miss Minto, Mr Robertson, and Miss Brown have updated us on their trips – in the former’s case, finding Wifi while out camping proved challenging!

Duke of Edinburgh Trip

Having arrived on Monday in glorious sunshine, Tuesday took a turn for the worst and what can only be described as a biblical storm descended upon Blackland Farm, East Grinstead. We had torrential rain for over 12 hours which meant that we had flooded tents, dampened spirits, and even Miss Devine declared that she wanted to go home! Thankfully, a game of ‘who can make the best outfit from a bin liner’ buoyed spirits and resulted in the girls going to their (damp) tents in a more positive frame of mind.

Wednesday saw the weather and general student vibe improve. After a relaxing morning of hanging up all damp bedding and drying various items from our tents, we headed to Sainsbury’s to shop for the final two days. Thankfully, East Grinstead Sainsbury’s is also attached to a Starbucks, so the girls were able to re-caffeinate. This seemed to pay off later when the majority of the girls took part in the ‘all aboard’ high ropes task. They had to climb a vertical telegraph pole and balance with four people on a platform before jumping off. The GCSE PE girls set the standard showing off their nimble footwork, with all four managing to get up the pole in an impressive 2 minutes 14 seconds. Particular commendations go to Ursula, Katie, and Lizzie who conquered their nerves, not once but twice, and climbed the pole successfully both times!

The expedition phase involved the girls having a quick pep talk from the instructors before they set off on their way to Broadstone Warren, an idyllic scouting campsite. We await their arrival which will be our home until tomorrow morning where the girls will set off on their return leg back to Blackland Farm. They were looking good at the lunch stop – no group has gone wrong yet….have I just cursed them?!

Here are some pictures of our time so far…











The year 8s are having a fabulous, sun-filled time in Spain. All of the girls have learnt to sail, kayak, and paddleboard. They have also enjoyed jumping from rocks, completing various challenges around town, and playing ultimate frisbee on the beach. As well as propping up the ice cream industry in Tossa De Mar, we have visited the historic sights in Girona. There is a day of snorkelling ahead, as well as giant paddleboarding in which the girls will endeavour to make a human pyramid on a board. We will finish the trip with a party tonight before trying to pack up an astonishing amount of clothes away and heading back to London!


image2 (2)

image1 (8)



First of all, I’d like to update you on yesterday’s winners: Rose got the highest score in bowling – she even beat all the teachers too! In the team building games, it was Anastasie’s team who were victorious mainly due to their ability to move Skittles from one cup to another without using their hands!

Today we headed off to Brühl to go to Phantasialand. The sun was shining and the girls were very excited about the trip to the German theme park. We put the girls into groups according to which type of rides they preferred and they all managed to find something that they enjoyed!

I accompanied the girls who prefer the less scary rides and they were really brave and went on the Colorada Mine Train; there were lots of screams but they said they loved it afterwards! The thrill seekers went on ‘Black Mamba’ and other similar roller coasters – they are much braver than I am!

This evening we have been back into town to do some final souvenir shopping and the girls are currently packing their suitcases and getting ready as there will be a talent show after dinner tonight.

The girls will have their phones for the return journey and we should be back at More House at 6 PM. If there any changes to our arrival time, I will ask the Office to contact all parents.

Bis Morgen!

Miss Brown

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