Head Girls’ Newsletter – Bonding Day

Our first full week back promises this year will be a busy year! Here are a couple of the highlights:

Heads’ Conference

On Tuesday, we embarked on a journey to Forest School for a Heads’ Conference, hoping to leave as better leaders and with a deeper understanding of what our roles as Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl would entail and how to manage them.

The first speaker was a man called Olly Hicks, a courageous, inspirational, and slightly reckless man who explained his struggle through life thus far. He is the only person to have rowed alone from America to England and from Tasmania to New Zealand, earning himself several unique world records along the way.

Much to our surprise, his daring dream to go from ocean to ocean was not the most taxing trouble he faced along the way. The most challenging part was organising the expedition itself. He struggled to arrange sponsorship – companies were unwilling to sponsor his goal given his inexperience and doubted his comprehension of the struggles he had yet to face. However, thousands of letters later, one positive response came. This vote of confidence enabled him to buy a boat and led him one step closer to his legacy. Hicks believes that extraordinary feats are accomplished by ordinary people, so you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Our following speaker was Dr Ellie Herrington, a political campaigner for the Democratic Party who campaigned for Hillary Clinton. Despite having two young children and a loving husband, she dedicated 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for two months in the hopes of making a difference. Even after the disappointing outcome of the final election, she was glad she tried to make America a better place. She truly believes that no disability or personal struggle should stop you from trying to achieve or hinder your ability to succeed.

The day drew to a close with a workshop. We entered into a lively debate about the greatest leaders we know and the necessary qualities for being a great leader. Finally, we were asked what our most challenging scenario would be as a leader and we discussed how we would overcome it. Most of the boys thought the concept of bickering year 7 girls would be the most daunting!

Go Ape Bonding Day

On Wednesday, the entirety of the Sixth Form climbed their way through Go Ape’s challenging obstacle course, hoping to bond with one another as we swung from tree to tree. Impressively, many of the girls overcame their fear of heights. We were very good at alerting everyone to our whereabouts with our high-pitched shrieks. The experience will definitely go down as one of the highlights of our sixth-form life!

IMG_2158 copy

IMG_2178 copy

IMG_2189 copy


Until next week – with Sports Day on Friday, we’re sure to have lots to report on!

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