Head Girl’s Newsletter – Sports Day

Last Friday, the pinnacle of the sporting year took place: Sports Day. The sun shone on Battersea Park. All the girls were in house colours and ready to compete.

This year, Santiago won again – maybe not in the results table, but year after year, despite finishing last, they do not give up. They turn up, they initially have hope, they support each other, they cheer despite the increasingly inevitable result. They are the house that exemplifies the phrase, ‘It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts’. So well done to everyone in Santiago!

IMG_8463 copyIMG_8277 copyIMG_8383 copy

I would particularly like to mention the following girls: all of Year 7 and Year 8 who wholeheartedly threw themselves into the completion. In Lower Sixth, Zahra M and Rhea Z-Z, who did an admirable job getting to the semi-finals of the 100 meters but the sporting giant and Sports Captain, Lucy A, continues to be the reigning champion in the 100 meters, the 1500 meters, and the long jump.

As for the actual sporting result – Florence Smith led Iona to yet another win for the fifth year in a row; Melissa Hardinge captained Canterbury to second place and was well supported by the junior relay team who won their competition; and Bella Kimmel solidly steered Walsingham to third place.

IMG_3752 copy copyIMG_8406 copyIMG_8411 copyIMG_8445 copy

Overall, there was never a dull moment, whether we were involved in the boisterous play of Dodgeball, the competitive edge of the Junior Whacky Olympics, or the challenging track races. In the girls’ favourite event, the teachers’ relay at the close of the day, Mr Hegarty came first for Walsingham, closely followed by Mr Robertson for Santiago. We then packed up and headed back to school, exhausted and thrilled by the day’s excitement. We can’t wait for next year’s Sports Day!

IMG_8611 copy

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