Head Girl’s Newsletter – Frantic Assembly

Frantic Assembly

To start off this week’s activities, the drama students from year 10 to 13 were fortunate enough to take part in a Frantic Assembly workshop. They helpfully advised on physical techniques for enhancing the performance of the National Theatre Production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, which had an incredibly long run in the West End.


The workshop focused on lifts and short routines to help enhance our GCSE and A-level performances. They found innovative ways to create “frantic assembly” style choreography without many people and without having to be an incredible acrobat. Overall, a fantastic day! We learnt a huge amount, which we hope will be reflected in this year’s grades.


A-level Geography Lecture

We were lucky enough to attend a talk at the Royal Geographical Society on how almost everything we own moves from A to B, given by Dr Kimberley Peters from the University of Liverpool.

What we learn geography almost always refers to the land and what occurs on it. And yet a staggering 70% of our earth is covered by oceans, which are crucial to today’s globalised world.

Containers, 20-feet-long units, are what have enabled us to move millions of manufactured goods each year. As Dr Peters rightfully pointed out, they have been the single most important technology in defining contemporary life. It revolutionised the way we live despite just being a box. If you look through all the items you own you’ll soon realise that most, if not all, come from across the world and 90% of these products are transported by ship in containers across our oceans.

Consequently, the world became organised in a different way. We saw the initialisation of maritime motorways. These 400 invisible motorways are continuously surveyed by operation controllers and have allowed this trade of goods to move in safer ways.

This was a great day and the A-level geography students found this informative and interesting. Thank you to Mr La Frenais and Mr Riley for taking us!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Finally, we finished off the week with the Sixth Form’s annual Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday and managed to raise an incredible £148 for Macmillan Cancer Support! Thank you to all the girls who helped out – especially Mrs Scott’s baking club for their delicious baked goods donations.

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