Views from our Study – Wellbeing Week

Wellbeing Week

This week has been teeming with activity as we enjoyed Wellbeing Week! Miss Brown and her team organised a fantastic array of clubs and talks to promote healthy living and wellness, both physical and mental, for our students. From lying down club to fresh air club, puzzle to story time, mindfulness dot-to-dot and mindfulness colouring to meditation – there was an endless parade of activities for our girls to enjoy. The talks on skincare and nutrition were especially popular and successful!

Meditation Wellbeing 2Wellbeing Week 1Wellbeing Week 2Wellbeing Week 3

Staff and parents were also able to get involved, with guest speaker Dr Nihara Krause visiting on Wednesday to give a talk entitled “Enhancing Teenage Mental Health”, which was invaluable and provided a wealth of information extremely pertinent to how we take care of the girls. A summary of her talk can be found on our website.

Thank you to Miss Brown and all staff for their dedication to making Wellbeing Week such a success.

We will be inviting Dr Krause back to More House later in the year, this time to address the subject of nutrition and eating disorders. Watch this space! Look out too for news on the next parent talk (kindly sponsored by the MHPA once again), which will be a mother and daughter self-defense workshop.

Trip to Iceland

Last Thursday, 22 excited More House girls set out on an unforgettable journey. Miss Wijay reports:

“At 7:40 AM, we landed in Reykjavik, Iceland, tired but full of excitement and energy. It was already snowing outside, with temperatures of -12 degrees! We were met by our lovely guide, Maria, who took us straight to the Blue Lagoon where we spent a relaxing afternoon swimming in the natural hot spring. And we didn’t forget to apply our face-masks, not even Mr La Frenais!

The next day, we went on a tour of the Golden Circle, where we walked along the boundary between two tectonic plates – the Eurasian plate and the North American plate. Our next stop was the Green House, where students learned all about the inner workings of a green house. We even enjoyed a lovely bowl of home-made tomato soup at the end of the visit! To round off the day, we finished up stroking some gorgeous Icelandic horses.

Iceland Trip 1Iceland Trip 38Iceland Trip 25Iceland Trip 46

The next day, we visited the South Shore, a beach made of stunning black sand, due to volcanic ash. Ms Hollobon, Mr La Frenais, and I made sure to collect some sand from the beach to take home. We’re pretty sure the girls packed some too!

Finally, the third and last night was by far the best and most memorable of all, as we were lucky enough to see the beautiful Northern Lights. Although our photos were a bit blurry, the memory of the incredible natural phenomena will stay with us all forever.

Iceland Trip 44Iceland Trip 45Iceland Trip 42Iceland Trip 35

It was a wonderful trip and we hope the girls will remember it for a long time to come. A full gallery of images can be found on our website.”

Sport Report

Last week, we saw some amazing results in the netball league matches against Burlington Danes. Year 11 won an astonishing 22-3 – wow! Year 10 won 7-3 and year 8 won 7-6. Year 7 sadly lost 7-4 but played very well despite the disappointing result.

Even more success this week, though. We saw some incredible matches and we are thrilled to announce that the U12, U13, U14A, and U16 teams are all through to the RBKC play offs next week!

Netball Match 1Netball Match 2Netball Match 8Netball Match 9

On Monday, year 7 won 8-4 against St James, but unfortunately, year 9 lost 7-4. Thursday was the real winner in the fixtures calendar: year 7 won 6-2 – Vittoria A won player of the match, courtesy of some really great interceptions. Year 9 won 16-2 – Yasmine H was player of the match. Year 10 sadly lost – but Phoebe L was awarded player of the match for her valiant efforts. And year 11 won 16-2, a phenomenal result, and Juliette C was player of the match there. Some fantastic results!

Best of luck to our teams playing next week.

Netball Match 4Netball Match 5Netball Match 6

On an individual success front, special mention to Adiva who performed in The Nutcracker at the London Coliseum in December – an incredibly graceful, budding ballerina!

English National Ballet Christmas GalaEnglish National Ballet Christmas Gala

A Jewish Wedding

On Friday, a group of year 9 students asked if they could stage a wedding ceremony to bring their GCSE learning of Jewish beliefs and practices to life. Paula gave spiritual blessings as the Rabbi, decked out in a real tallit and kippah. The bride and groom, Lana and Yasmin H, signed their ketubah, completed the bedeken veiling ceremony, exchanged rings and blessings under the chuppah (held up by bridesmaids Niamh and Lina and fathers Emma and Anna), before drinking from the kiddish cup and smashing it underfoot to cries of ‘Mazel Tov’!

Jewish Wedding

Marie and Maddy wept as mothers of the happy couple, Yasmin B provided beautiful musical accompaniment, Jodie provided sterling support as the best man, Libby became a living, breathing Aron Hakodesh, and Phoenix narrated the entire ceremony so that gatecrashers/wedding guests (Ms Revell, Mrs Mercer, and Ms Hails) could follow the symbolism of each action. We wish them many years of joy!

Trip to the Royal Courts of Justice

In September, we introduced a psychology A level and these students were lucky enough to go on the Legal London Tour recently. They began at the Royal Courts of Justice, where the insightful guide shared the history of the magnificent, awe-inspiring buildings and its court rooms.

Students started off by seeing an exhibition of legal costumes and enjoyed a unique understanding of what life is like as a barrister or judge. It was interesting to discover that the wigs worn in court rooms are not only traditional but also serve to protect barristers and judges from being attacked, as it prevents them from being identified in public. Following this, their guide took them via the legal chambers to the Old Bailey, where they learned about the gruesome history of the death penalty.

To top off this fascinating and informative day, the girls were able to witness a real-life murder trial – here they witnessed the judge’s role, the barrister’s speech, the jury’s examination of the evidence, and the suspect listening to the prosecution’s accusations. This allowed students to examine eye-witness testimony, questioning techniques, behaviour in court rooms, and possible biases in court cases.

What an incredible trip!

History of Art and More Green Updates

Mrs Hunt and the art historians have enjoyed a busy academic year. You can read about their visits to Barcelona, to the National Gallery, and the upcoming inter-house competition on Firefly.

Furthermore, read all about her More Green trip to Ecuador last summer here too.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. We have booked Golden Circle and Northern Lights
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