Views from our Study – Borough Champions!

Apologies for the delay in uploading these to our school blog – here’s Views from our Study, week commencing 29/01/18.

An Amazing Week in the P.E. Department

On Wednesday, Mrs Mercer took a group of years 7 and 8 students to the RBKC indoor athletics finals at Kensington Leisure Centre. The event involved a series of track and field activities, all taking place inside a sports hall. There were some commendable 1st and 2nd places in the track events – Charlotte S. and Lucy J. won the 8-lap paarlauf relay where they even lapped other runners! The team came 2nd in the obstacle relay, the 4-lap race, and the 4×2 lap race. In the field events, we finished 4th in the shot put, speed bounce, and vertical jump. All of these skills will come in very handy in the year 7 and year 8 Inter-house Wacky Olympics competition next half term.

Indoor Athletics 1Indoor Athletics 3Indoor Athletics 2

On Thursday, we made our final trip to Holland Park School for the play-off finals of the RBKC netball league. We were thrilled to have 4 teams representing the school in the finals. This was joint top with Holland Park – however, their school is seven times the size of ours! The girls have trained and played in matches since September, so this significant commitment has clearly paid off.

First to play in the semi-finals were the year 7 students. They were playing Burlington Danes, which was no easy feat as many of the girls on the other team were exceptionally tall! Our students have really gelled together and showed some excellent play from defence to attack and combined this with some solid centre passes. We won the match 7-0 and player of the match was Vittoria A. The year 7s then played our local state school rivals, St Thomas More, in the grand final. After some tense play, with lots of interceptions from both teams, the girls fought hard, won the game, and were crowned BOROUGH CHAMPIONS!!! To add to this excitement, this means that the team will go through to participate in the School Games Finals, where they will compete against teams in other winning boroughs from the whole of London!

Netball Borough Champions 1

The year 8 team had a bye into the grand final, which meant they didn’t get to prepare in a semi-final match. This proved all too much for Miss Hails, who spent most of the match hiding behind her coat sleeve as she couldn’t bear the tension! The game was even throughout, but thanks to a solid defensive performance and Eleanor L.’s key interceptions in the centre, the ball was turned over and passed down to the attacking end. Rosie V. scored an absolute blinder from the outer area of the D and the girls took the lead. Thankfully, they also had the next centre pass and scored again, winning the match 5-3! So, they too were crowned BOROUGH CHAMPIONS!!! Player of the match was Mia H.

Netball Borough Champions 2

The year 9 students were up against our long-term rivals Queen’s Gate in the semi-final. The game was goal for goal at the beginning, with both teams scoring their centre passes. After some end-to-end play, some fantastic interceptions by the defence, and some brilliant play bringing the ball from defence to attack, our girls took the lead. At half-time, the score was 5-3 in our favour. The instructions in the half-time team talk were simple: score your own centre passes and play the rest of the match calmly. The girls were brilliant in the second half and won the game 9-4! Player of the match was Niamh O’S., who made countless interceptions throughout the game.

Unfortunately, we then had to play the final straight afterwards. Holland Park proved too strong for us on this occasion and a few simple errors cost us the game. The girls lost 8-3 but still finished 2nd in the league, which is a fantastic achievement – and most importantly, we beat Queen’s Gate!

Finally, the last team to take to the court were the year 11 students, who were up against Queen’s Gate in the semi-final. It was goal for goal – so tense that Mrs Mercer had to run to the other side of the court to hide behind the other P.E. teachers because she couldn’t bear to watch! The match was full of high quality netball. Interceptions, wonder goals, fluid centre passes, and tussles to get the ball – for those of you who think that netball is an easy non-contact sport, think again because the girls fought hard! It was all square at the final whistle, meaning that we had to go to extra time. Oh, it was tense! Thankfully, Caroline K. and Juliette C. were on form and scored two goals, meaning we won 11-9 and went through to the final.

The final was against Holland Park School. The girls have had some fantastic matches against the school over the years and this was no exception. It was so neck and neck throughout! Both teams made a few errors, which meant the opposition scored. Unfortunately, in the dying moments of the game, Holland Park scored a goal before the final whistle went. The score was 7-6 to Holland Park. Our students were absolutely devastated and were so disappointed to have lost their final game as a team (the league is only for years 7-11 students). There was some consolation for Honey S., who was voted player of the match – although we’re sure she would swap the accolade for another shot at the title!

And so, that concludes another RBKC netball season. We have witnessed some fantastic netball and thoroughly enjoyed watching the girls transform their play throughout the year. We have some friendly matches organised for next half term, so please do check the fixture calendar for updates.

Massive congratulations to all the netball teams, but especially to years 7 and 8 for winning the league, and a huge thank you to Miss Minto, Mrs Mercer, and Miss Hails for their continuous hard work and dedication.

History of Art Trip to the Tate Modern

Joyfully, Thursday was mild and dry  – two key ingredients for a successful school trip taking 60 people on foot and by tube to the Tate Modern! That is where year 9 and sixth form art historians ventured to see the new Modigliani, and also the ‘Red Star Over Russia’ exhibition, exploring early twentieth-century art and how idealised images became distorted and subverted for USSR propaganda.

Here is Phoenix D.’s account of the day:

“Today, we went to the Tate Modern, where we looked at the art that has been sanctioned to leave Russia. This exhibition comes from the collection of photographer and graphic designer David King. He began his collection of over 250,000 items relating to this period while working for The Times magazine. This exhibition displayed the propaganda of the time, opening with the strongest collection of works: a deep red wall covered in propaganda posters. A heroic soldier on horseback invites us to join the red cavalry, a strong and emancipated woman encourages us to ‘Build Socialism’, and the workers of the world unite. There’s a utopian image depicted in Paris, where well-dressed, happy citizens stride forward in puff paintings – the people look as plastic as Barbies. The darker side is present in the mugshots of prisoners arrested by the Secret Police, weathered and weakened as they face being sentenced to work and die in a Gulag. We walked around the gallery and were amazed at the overwhelming amount of propaganda – I can see how much this history has influenced the posters and social media posts playing out current political issues.”

Time for Some Debate

Mr Hegarty has been preparing students in years 7 and 8 to take part in the London Debating Challenge. The Challenge kicked off on Tuesday, the first debate hosted here at More House where our teams were challenged by Francis Holland and Ibstock Place, among others. Julia V. P., Francesca M., and Tavy J. prepared well for this debate on the subject of lowering the voting age. The unprepared debate concerned equal rights for women and it was pleasing to hear just how much our girls had to say on the topic, although they narrowly missed a win by a few points. This team is improving all the time and we look forward to the next round after half term, where the girls are determined to win and get through to the final challenge at Godolphin School.

In hosting these events, it is always pleasing to hear such complimentary things from visiting staff, both about our pupils and the school – visitors are always quick to realise how lucky we are to be in this fine building and location!

Thank you to everyone who ensured the event ran smoothly, particularly our chef, Brahim, who provided a splendid tea for visiting schools. And lastly, it was much appreciated that some parents attended to lend support. You are always most welcome – please check the school website for further details.

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