Views From Our Study – Snowy Weather

Well, what a week that turned out to be! One of our year 7 parents sent us a very topical poem, which perfectly summarised those few snowy days…

‘The Wrong Kind Of Snow’

They’ve cancelled the trains
And grounded the planes
The grown ups’ grand plans are in bits
The schools have been shut
The phone lines are cut
But I’m far from scared out of my wits.

It’s the wrong kind of snow for the railways
The wrong kind of snow for the roads
The wrong kind of snow for the airlines
And this year we’ve got loads and loads!

No grit for the lanes
The cars have no chains
And a blizzard is blowing again
The shops have been closed
For how long who knows?
But I’m not in the mood to complain.

It’s the wrong kind of snow for the English
The wrong kind of snow for the Scots
The wrong kind of snow for the Irish
And this year we’ve got lots and lots!

The newsman explains
The police are at pains
To assist you wherever you go
And yet he won’t say
Why our parents portray
Every fall as the wrong kind of snow.

It’s the wrong kind of snow for the weekend
The wrong kind of snow for the week
When they forecast today, there’d be more on the way
I was almost too happy to speak.

(Taken from Seeing Better Now by Michael Roc Thomas)

Mrs Leach’s faith in humanity was restored on Friday when the kindness of strangers during the difficult weather touched her personally. Stranded 30 miles from home because of train problems, with Google maps suggesting an 8-hour walk – something that’s only feasible if you have the right footwear, plenty of supplies, and a decent map! – Mrs Leach was rescued by a lovely woman heading south in a snow-worthy car.

Snow Day 18Snow Day 22Snow Day 37

This one small act of kindness was repeated hundreds of times over last week, all over the country. On that note, we would like to extend our thanks along with everyone else to the people who went above and beyond helping others during the stormy, snowy weather – your gestures meant so much.

An Unusually Meagre Sport Report…

It was a huge shame that due to the cold conditions, we were forced to postpone our wonderful array of fundraisers for Sports Charity Week that the P.E. department had worked so hard to prepare for us. Look out for these events in the last week of term!

The one activity that went ahead as planned was climbing club at Imperial College. Here are the students enjoying their indoor sport, well away from the wind and snow.

Climbing 1

Glass Door Shelter

Mr Green and Miss Brown joined the Confirmation group last Sunday during their visit to the Glass Door shelter in Hammersmith. Mrs Casey and Ms Randle are preparing a group of girls for the Sacrament of Confirmation and took them to the shelter in order to prepare a meal for the homeless.

Mr Green reports: “We had a great evening yesterday at the Glass Door in Hammersmith. The girls were their usual wonderful selves, preparing and setting everything for 60 plus homeless guests at their shelter. They also had a sit-down briefing with the coordinator (a solicitor) and a former service user who is now managing the service.”

MHPA Quiz Night

A big thank you to the Parents’ Association for organising such a fun evening on Thursday for the annual quiz night. Over 60 parents and staff braved the weather, put their grey matter to the test, and went away full of new trivia. Well done to the staff team who miraculously managed to gain the top spot, beating off the ‘Polar Bears’!

Staff Success

More congratulations to our staff, this time Miss Brown and Mr Reilly who completed half marathons over the weekend! Miss Brown ran in Paris and Mr Reilly in Greenwich Park. You can still donate to Mr Reilly’s Just Giving page, raising money for Shelter.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, the English department challenged students to decorate their form room door on the theme of their favourite book. We were amazed by the wide range of books represented and the bright and imaginative decorations.

Our judges were Mrs Boulter, Ms Travers, and Mr Hegarty from the English department, and Ms Devine from the art department added a neutral voice as well as an expert artistic opinion.

World Book Day 6

World Book Day 8

World Book Day 9

World Book Day 10

World Book Day 1

World Book Day 4

World Book Day 1

World Book Day 2

All the judges were impressed with the students’ efforts. Particular mention must go to 7A, who vividly and creatively captured the significance of nature in The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett with a range of vibrant colours. Equally, 9GT (who chose Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet) excelled with their blood red roses surrounding a balcony where Juliet dreamt of Romeo – all very dramatic and eye catching.

However, the final decision was to award winning certificates to 7CD for their totally immersive representation of Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Their door display was interactive and even the inside of their form room was decorated with literary images and favourite book covers along with a selection of great quotations – well done!

The other winner was 11GM, who used striking imagery to capture the turbulent love story of Romeo and Juliet. The door was dark and intriguing but the sunflower and stars suggested light and hope. Their images were supported with a range of quotations from the play – all very powerful. Great work!

Coming up this week: the junior school play, Curiouser and Curiouser, on Thursday at 6 PM! Tickets are £5 for adults, free for under 18s. We hope to see many of you there!


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