Views From Our Study – British Science Week

We say it every week, and every week it’s as true as the last – what a busy week! This newsletter covers the Poetry by Heart competition, the Big Bang Science Fair, and so much more.

Sport Report

We have now concluded the netball and hockey season. This week, the U12 and U13/14 teams played Portland Place. The U12s won 5-2, however the U13/14s lost 9-3.

Our final hockey friendly match against Queen’s Gate was a fun occasion. The opposition had a very skilful player on their team who was clearly very advanced for her age. We played well, particularly in the second half, and drew 0-0.


Finally – a reminder that our Sports Charity Week events will be taking place in the next couple of weeks, rescheduled due to the snowy weather.

* The Fancy Dress Charity Fun Run will take place next Friday at 3:30 PM in Hyde Park.

* Our varsity netball and staff vs staff netball matches will take place on Monday 26th March at 4 PM in Battersea Park. Throughout that week, we will also be holding our lunchtime fundraisers!

Big Bang Science Fair

We are proud Kayla K’s incredible in year 10, who won the National Runner Up Science Award 2018 for her banana paper entry in the Big Bang Science Fair.

Kayla Big Bang Science Fair

Poetry by Heart

The year 10 students recently entered the Poetry By Heart competition, where this year the poems commemorated the First World War. Huge congratulations to Raya, who was highly commended by the judges – here are their comments:

“Raya has given us a spirited, fast-paced, accurate recitation showing first-hand engagement with a poem read often with more formulaic, august sombreness. This famous poem will endure the better by being learned by heart and spoken in ways that are authentic to the reader, as Raya has shown. Rupert Brooke would have been touched by Raya’s fresh recitation of his poem, spoken over a hundred years after he wrote it.”

Ecuador Thames Walk

Cecily Ross was lucky enough to be selected to go on a three-week Girl Guides international trip to Ecuador this summer. She writes about the exciting upcoming trip here:

“I’m going with a group of 15 girls, who come from all over London and the South-East region. It should be an amazing experience. We’ll be working on a range of community projects: assisting at a rural kindergarten school, helping with the renovation of some community buildings in the rainforest, and working with local disabled children.

I have to raise £3,000 to fund the trip and have been busy raising money in all sorts of different ways – some of you will have seen my stall at the Christmas Fair! In a couple of weeks, I will be walking along the Thames for 14 miles (1 mile for every hour it will take by air to get to Ecuador!). I have set up a JustGiving page and would be very grateful for any donations.

Just Dance

We held our annual dance-off competition this week – congratulations to Canterbury for amassing the highest number of points! Here were the scores:

Santiago: 17,810

Iona: 24,984

Walsingham: 25,421

Canterbury: 30,804

British Science Week

This week, the science department have been busy celebrating British Science Week. They curated a flurry of break-time activities today – we had screaming jelly babies, and even witnessed Mr Green’s hands set on fire!

British Science Week 1

British Science Week 3

British Science Week 2

Eco Club Progress

The Eco Club girls have been steadily making More House more green. Following the success of their new recyclable cups bin at lunch time, they are now focusing on collecting waste paper each week. They unfold, flatten, stack, and weigh, and ensure everything goes straight into a paper recycling bin.

Eco Club 1

Eco Club 2

This stack was from a few weeks back – they’ll be weighing a HUGE stack next week, watch this space. Did you know: it saves so much time and energy for those at the recycling plant if we keep our paper separate and don’t scrunch it all up before binning it!

Pinocchio at the National Theatre

On the 15th March 2018, A-level drama students were absolutely delighted with Dennis Kelly’s adaptation of Pinocchio at the National Theatre, directed by John Tiffany and designed by Bob Crowley. The stage was alight with enchanting puppetry, dance, and magic.

This highly creative and innovative use of staging sparked much debate among the students and inspired them to push the boundaries of their own stage designs. A truly magical event!

Sixth Form Art Detectives

Last Friday, our sixth-form art detectives took an art history workshop at St Mary’s School in Hampstead, where they worked with 40 year five girls in small groups. They shared with them some great old and modern masters and tried to get the younger pupils to start thinking about art in the context of other works.

The end result was eight beautifully curated mini exhibitions from the year five girls, who had made a variety of connections between the works they had been studying. The year five pupils will now spend a few weeks working on these exhibitions as a springboard for creating their own artwork, which they will then curate into a grand exhibition for us to come and judge in May.

Art History Detectives

Art History Detectives 1

The sixth formers were brilliant in their planning and execution of the workshop and came to realise that teaching was tough, but really enjoyable – especially when you have that ‘lightbulb’ moment!

A special thank you to St Mary’s for hosting and to our sixth formers involved: Flo, Bella, Sophie, Ghalia, Galliane, Zahra, Sara, and Fran.

Easter Choral Concert

Next week is our annual Easter choral concert, the highlight of the musical calendar. Tickets are available on Eventbrite! Join us for an enjoyable evening of classical music.

Easter Choral Concert 2018.jpg

Prayer 1Prayer 2



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