Views From Our Study – Easter Concert

Only one more week of term left! We’ve kept the momentum going, packing the Easter Concert, London School Games Finals, Science Day, and more into this penultimate week. Here’s our report.

Easter Choral Concert

What an incredible concert! Huge congratulations to all the students and music staff for staging such a stunning performance. This year’s Easter Choral Concert – always the highlight of the year for the music department – featured music by Vaughan Williams, Monteverdi, Allegri, Britten, and Fauré.

It was very special witnessing Mr Keeley take to the conductor’s podium once again – in his former life before becoming Deputy Head and Co-Head, he was Director of Music for 20 years. We are very grateful to him for ensuring the music at More House stays strong and thriving while Miss Dale continues to recuperate.

Easter Choral Concert 1

Easter Choral Concert 2

Easter Choral Concert 3

Easter Choral Concert 4

Easter Choral Concert 5

Thank you to all the students for their hard work and dedication to this event, which involved hours of rehearsals and note bashing. They were an absolute credit to us and stunned us all with their impressive talent. Well done!

Sport Report

After the excitement of winning the RBKC Netball League in February, the U12 netball team progressed to represent the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea at the London School Games Finals, which took place on Tuesday.

We set off from school early, raring to take on the other London Boroughs. Full of excitement, we went on to play our first game against the team that wound up winning the whole tournament. Needless to say, we put up a good fight and at half time the score was 2-1.

London School Games 1

London School Games 2

London School Games 3

London School Games 4

We had a fantastic day experiencing a lot of different challenges as a team. We are a small school but we maintain a huge competitive spirit. A number of other teachers commented on how well the girls were playing, especially considering we have less people in our entire school than they have in one year group. A massive well done to all girls that participated!

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of our staff versus staff and varsity netball matches next Monday! Tickets are £2 each, available from the school office. We hope to see many of you there!

Sixth Form Religious Studies

On Thursday, the lower sixth and upper sixth students attended a revision course on philosophy and ethics with Dr Peter Vardy in Bloomsbury Baptist Church Shaftesbury Avenue.

Sixth Form RS

It was very informative – Charlotte Vardy gave great revision tips and shared some brilliant ideas on how to structure essays. It was also great to see Dr Peter Vardy in action after having read his books.

Impressionists in Exile

On Wednesday, the sixth-form art historians enjoyed another wonderful trip to the Tate Britain. Spring was definitely in the air as the sixth formers went to visit the Impressionists in Exile exhibition.

Here is their report:

“As a sixth former studying these artists, these visits enable me to see the paintings in their true colours and scale. We can see the depth of the works and the detail of the brush strokes.

The curation of the shows teaches us to understand the context of the works in greater depth. It was brilliant to see the scenes of Paris under siege and appreciate what the artists were escaping, then to witness their developing psychological regeneration through their views of English contemporary life – especially in the comparative depictions of the Thames at Westminster.

Their portrayals of contemporary British life were eclectic and selective and as such showed a differing view to the works of the British fin-de-siècle artists. The introduction of French artists to galleries and buyers in England enabled their ideas of taste and style to be shared further, so that it was not just the Francophiles in England who were directly influenced, but a more general ripple effect resulted across the modern art scene.” – Florence

“After the Impressionists, we went to explore the sculptures of Hepworth and Moore. It was interesting to see how they used a mixture of mineral and organic materials and both additive and subtractive techniques to create their curvilinear, abstracted organic and figurative forms. I was particularly struck by their representations of family and women. Their sculptures fit into our studies this term in their representation of the figure in relation to nature.” – Zahra

“Finally, we visited the Turner rooms. Turner is one of our specified artists and it was amazing to see his work curated as it evolved from the classical academic allegories to the almost ‘surreal’ romantic images, commenting on the industrial revolution and its impact on our environment.  His later works were often not approved by the Academy, and yet these works have the greatest resonance with us now, both in terms of treatment of the surface of the canvas and the moral discourses they suggest.” – Sara

Business Studies Workshop

Melissa H on their trip this week…

“On Tuesday, a group of upper-sixth students went to Westfield White City on a business trip – although no shopping was involved, much to our dismay! However, this trip was extremely beneficial for us as it covered exam techniques and condensed parts of the A-level syllabus for revision by quizzing us on topics that we will be examined on in June.

In preparation for our summer exams, the lecturer – who is an examiner – told us what the exam board is looking for and how we can get those extra marks. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we learned something new and we all have a deeper understanding of how we can impress the examiners with our knowledge!”

BBC School News Report

Mr Hegarty’s year 8 English class was extremely self-motivated about their BBC School News reports. They have completed short news items and uploaded them for the BBC School News Report.

The girls were keen and enthusiastic – despite the occasional technical barriers – but most importantly, they have researched, written scripts, edited and presented, all important skills for our English lessons. It has been a great effort on their part. Well done 8GS!

Science Day

When the science department sat down on a clear cold January afternoon to plan a day of activities to celebrate National Science Week in mid-March, we never imagined we would need to plan for snow! But last minute adjustments were made and our year 9 girls got to enjoy all the activities we had planned for the day.

The theme of Science Week this year was “discovery”, so the day began with some team memory games featuring ancient maps and a cross section of Darwin’s ship, the HMS Beagle.

The main focus of the day was a building task: the girls each wrote a set of instructions for how to build either a rocket or a boat and then had to build a model of the other unseen, with only the instructions for their classmates to assist them. Working in their house groups, they were competing for house points as well as developing valuable practical skills.

There were two other attractions of the day: in the morning, each group got to spend some time meeting animals brought into school by Zoo 4 You. We learned that a tortoise will feel you stroking them through their shell, corn snakes are useful to farmers as they keep the mouse population in check, rats are quite naughty, skunks are shy, and lion-head rabbits are super soft to cuddle. Each session finished with a flying demonstration from a glorious green parrot.

Zoo Visit 1

Zoo Visit 8

Zoo Visit 15

Zoo Visit 18

Zoo Visit 19

Zoo Visit 23

Zoo Visit 25

In the afternoon, visitors from Explorer Dome transformed the studio into a Planetarium. The girls crawled into a giant inflatable tent to watch a presentation about astronomy.

Speaking to the girls during the day, every one had a different favourite activity and had taken away different memories and skills from the day.

All the girls worked hard and should be proud of everything they accomplished throughout the day! However, there was a competition element so here are house points to award:

Joint first – scoring 35 points each, Iona and Santiago.

Third place – scoring 20 points, Canterbury.

Fourth place – scoring 10 points, Walsingham.

Kayla’s Big Bang Success

Over 500 finalists from across the country were selected to show their ideas at The Big Bang Fair in Birmingham last week. We were thrilled that Kayla K in year 10 was representing London after winning the junior section of one of the regional heats last July.

The Big Bang Competition is an annual contest designed to recognise and reward young people’s achievements in all areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as helping them build skills and confidence in project-based work.

Kayla had noticed that many leaves on banana tree plantations were left to rot after harvest. She thought they might have other uses too – such as making paper. It could be that we could use banana paper from fibres that would otherwise go to waste, instead of harvesting other trees specifically to make paper.  She hopes that this will help reduce deforestation. Kayla also determined what parts of the fibres were best to use and optimised a protocol to make her paper.

Kayla Certificate 1

Kayla Certificate 2

Over two days, Kayla had to present her project to many judges from the STEM industries and academia. Not only did Kayla do us proud representing London in the Finals, but out of 250 entries, her banana tree paper project was chosen as the runner up for the junior category of the UK Young Scientist of the year.

We are immensely proud of her and look forward to seeing what opportunities will come her way as a result of her win.

Lucy J’s Hair

The spirit of charity at More House is evident not just on a large scale, with our various fundraising endeavours, but also on an individual basis. Lucy J in year 7 demonstrated that spirit last week, when she cut off her hair and donated it to a charity that makes wigs for children that have suffered from cancer.

Well done, Lucy!

Lucy Jodrell's Hair 1Lucy Jodrell's Hair 2

Lower Sixth Assembly

Thank you to lower sixth for their assembly raising awareness for the ‘Bloody Good Period’ Campaign. 1 in 10 girls in the UK cannot afford sanitary products and so the girls are organising a collection, which will then be distributed around London and the UK. Please bring any sanitary products to school on Tuesday 27th March – we are in need of:

– Night pads with wings

– Maxi night pads (Kotex are a favourite)

– Sanitary pads

– Panty-liners

– Tampons

– Menstrual cups

Period poverty is an issue close to the girls’ hearts and they would like to share this video outlining the problem faced by many teenage girls.

Eco Club

The girls in the eco club have been pushing forward with improvements to school recycling, auditing the general waste and recycling bins available around the building and putting forward plans for a paper recycling box in every classroom and office. This will be implemented after Easter, with weekly “weigh-ins” to record the mass of paper that will be recycled efficiently using the new system. Additionally, with the arrival of spring (finally!) the school kitchen garden will soon be underway, hopefully producing a variety of delicious edibles!

Next week, we’ll be winding down and enjoying the last week of term. Don’t forget to attend our varsity and staff vs staff netball matches on Monday evening! Tickets are £2 and available from the school office.

ForgivenessEaster Concert

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