Views from our Study – Final Week of Spring Term

We finished off term in a predictably spectacular style. Here is the final report of the spring term 2018!

WE Volunteers

The WE volunteer group’s latest charitable endeavour was arranged through the Kensington and Chelsea council, who asked the girls to help welcome a group of refugees moving to London last week.

WE Refugee Volunteers 3

The girls created signs to welcome the refugees at the airport and short letters and cards with friendly welcome notes. A woman working with the council collected these to pass on to the families to read on their first night in the city. A particularly sweet message from Lily H read “I’m sure you’re nervous moving to a new place but I’m sure you will feel at home here soon”.

It was lovely to receive this response from the refugee team:

“Hi Matthew,

Just wanted to let you know how well received the messages have been! Lianne, the leader of our Refugees Welcome group, said they made a huge difference. The letters were the first thing they looked at when they came to the flat and one of them started to cry ‘happy tears’. They asked to keep the poster and wanted to know how to thank the students. Please tell your girls what a difference their warm welcome made. Lianne said personal touches like this can make all the difference during times like this. So heart-warming to see the connection between your girls and these newcomers!”

Marie Curie Fundraiser

Continuing with the charitable theme, a special thanks to Flora T, Alana C-B, Zahra M, Yazzi H, Daphne T, and Amalia D who raised £101.01 collecting for the Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal prior to the Easter Choral Concert.

Easter Bake Off

Walsingham were victorious in the Easter bake-off competition with their white rabbit cake! Well done to all the teams, though, for their efforts – Canterbury for their nest of eggs cakes with lovely flowers on top, Iona for their small cakes with yummy marsh-mellows in the middle, and Santiago for their half-egg shaped cake with mini eggs and smaller cakes dotted around. They all looked incredible and they all tasted incredible!

A full gallery of images is live on our website.

Easter Bake Off 3

Easter Bake Off 2

Easter Bake Off 1

Easter Bake Off 4

Easter Bake Off 5

Easter Bake Off 6

Easter Bake Off 9

Easter Bake Off 8

Easter Bake Off 7

Mrs Leach was wondering why Mr Keeley kept asking her to meet people that day, until she discovered he had nominated himself as chief judge!

Fencing Success

Huge congratulations to Eleanor L in year 8 who represented Great Britain in Poland for the 41st World Fencing Challenge. She came 26th out of 152 girls, which was truly an incredible result considering she was competing with an ankle injury. True grit, Eleanor!

Fancy Dress Charity Fun Run

It’s not every day that the shoppers on Sloane Street are treated to a procession of More House girls dressed up in a creative array of costumes on their way from school to Hyde Park. Little did they know, they were all en route to our annual Fancy Dress Mile Fun Run! It’s always a hugely popular event for staff, students, and parents alike, which sees the entire school community look equal parts ridiculous, outrageous, and impressive, all for a good cause! The theme this year was ‘Anything Goes’ and our chosen charity was Sport Relief.

We combined the time-trial run with a general mass charity run. The first person round the course in each year group was awarded a prize cup, and “Best Fancy Dress” prizes were also awarded. All prizes were dutifully handed out by our very own lioness, Miss Minto.

A full gallery of images is live on our website.

Charity Fun Run 1

Charity Fun Run 3

Charity Fun Run 4

Charity Fun Run 5

Charity Fun Run 6

Charity Fun Run 7

Charity Fun Run 8

Charity Fun Run 9

Charity Fun Run 10

The winner of the whole race was Katharine O in year 10.

The winners in the time trial were:

Year 7: Lucy

Year 8: Katrina

Year 9: Anna

Year 10: Issy

Year 11: Olivia

The winners in the best fancy dress department were:

An Oompa Loompa – Tavy in year 8

Mary Poppins – Gisele in year 9

The inflatable bird – Nicole in year 9

The inflatable dinosaur – Lily A in year 11

Varsity Netball

On Monday, we introduced a new event to the sporting calendar: varsity netball. The P.E. department invited the ‘best of the best’ players in years 7-9 (junior varsity) and years 10+ (senior varsity) to play in a showcase match and demonstrate their sporting prowess in the school’s most popular sport. It was a fantastic occasion – we had lots of supporters in Battersea Park and even had a hot chocolate and snacks stand for people to refuel. There were a number of teaching staff watching (and learning the rules!) in anticipation of their own charity match to follow.

A full gallery of images is live on our website.

In the junior varsity, the Blue team dominated the first half due to some fantastic interceptions by Hanna S in GD and great conversions from Rosie V in GA and Amalia B in GS. However, after a pep talk from Mrs Mercer, the Black team came out fighting in the second half and scored two goals in a row to kick off their comeback. Phoenix D (who isn’t normally a GA) played well and provided some good opportunities for Millie C who was playing GS.

Unfortunately, it was perhaps a little too late for a full comeback and the Blue team scored a couple more goals to ensure they were crowned winners of the junior varsity! They won 9-5.

Varsity Netball 1

Varsity Netball 2

Varsity Netball 3

Varsity Netball 4

Varsity Netball 5

Varsity Netball 6

Varsity Netball 7

Varsity Netball 8

Varsity Netball 9

Varsity Netball 10

In the senior varsity match, the stakes were high, the competitive spirit was rife, and all girls were in it to win it. The first few minutes were frantic, as all students tried to overcome their nerves, but after settling down we saw some fantastic play and it showed just how much the girls have learned in their 3-5 years at the school. The match ended in a 9-9 draw. Perhaps next year, we will need to include a golden-goal minute!

Then came the event we’d all been waiting for – the return of the infamous Staff Vs Staff charity netball match. We had two teams: Team Minto (Black) and Team Mercer (Blue).

Making their debut in Team Minto were: Mr Reilly (GA), Miss Gunner (WA), Miss Davidson (WD), and Mrs Cain (GK). Back to represent and fight on for the Minto spirit were Mrs Leach (GS), Miss Hollobon (C), and Miss Devine (WD).

In the blue corner for Team Mercer and making their netball debut were: Mr La Frenais (GD), Ms Meadows (WD), Miss Hails (WA), and Miss Stojanovic (GS), and returning to show off their netball skills were Mr Carroll (GA), Miss Brown (C), and Mr Hegarty (GK).

It is fair to say that the match was full of dodgy footwork, contact (mainly from Mr Hegarty and Mr La Frenais), and obstructions. I don’t think anyone from our staff will be making the England team anytime soon…

Thankfully, there were some periods of good play – Miss Stojanovic sank a goal from the edge of the D and received a well-deserved round of applause. Mr Reilly showed off his excellent co-ordination skills and Miss Hollobon and Miss Brown ran around like a couple of leopards in the wild as they battled it out in the centre.

The match ended in a draw but after a (dubious!) penalty shootout between the goalers, Team Minto were crowned winners.

Many thanks to all who got involved – the P.E. department have a lot of fun arranging events like this, but they’re made all the more exciting due to the great student and staff participation.

So far, we have raised £1,526 for Sport Relief!


It is with great sadness that we have said goodbye to Miss Travers and Mrs Garcia de Bustos as they embark on new adventures in Sussex and Manchester. We wish them all the best and thank them for the wonderful teaching and support they have provided the school.

Have a wonderful Easter break and safe travels! Until the summer term.

Dear God, 

The blessed in your eyes are not those who have everything but those who have nothing. Not the rich in earning but the rich in giving, who give their all for you. Your ordinary saints being your hands, feet and words in their ordinary lives, doing extraordinary things for you. The blessed in your eyes are not those who desire honour, but those who merely seek to serve. Loving God, thank you for the servants in your kingdom. 



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