Views From Our Study – Chicks!

What an incredible second week – we’ve really hit the ground running! Read all about the trips, chicks, and R.S. course.

Year 8 Trip to Bath

On Tuesday, the whole of year 8 travelled to Bath to visit the Roman Baths. On arrival, we were taken for our taster session where we learned about life in Aqua Sulis. The girls were a credit to the school, especially during the Q & A! After the talk, we were allowed to handle some of the artefacts that had been excavated.

Y8 Bath Trip 1

Y8 Bath Trip 2

Y8 Bath Trip 3

At lunchtime, the girls were allowed some free time to explore the city before setting out an audio guided tour around the baths – which are twenty feet below street level! The students seemed to thoroughly enjoy the excursion and appreciated seeing the baths in reality and not just textbooks.

More’s Household Theatre Trip

This year in the More’s Household book club, we read Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. The book’s plot follows a young girl who has been evacuated to the coast during the Second World War, focusing on the way she copes with her new surroundings.

More's Household Theatre Trip

On Wednesday afternoon, as a parallel trip to their book club reading, year 8 and year 9 Householders went to see Kindertransport at the Richmond Theatre. The theme of the play concerns a young Jewish girl’s evacuation to London alongside many other children, many of whom never saw their families again. It was a very moving production, which provoked numerous insightful thoughts and questions from the girls. As always, they were extremely appreciative and we are looking forward to our next trip!

Sixth Form R.S. Course

Our upper sixth have been asked to reflect deeply on the concept of vocation in this week’s core R.S. lessons. In a world that asks them to relentlessly be ambitious, we were reminded that ambition and vocation are two different things – vocation involves fusing our passions and talents with the needs of the world.

The students examined this idea through four case studies. The first was the work of American nun Sr. Dorothy Stand, whose tireless work with the peasant farmers of the Amazon rainforest brought her such joy, but ultimately led to her assassination.

Analysing a year in the life of the students of Mundelein Seminary in Illinois gave the girls an insight into the importance of community while trying to discern one’s vocation. When a small number of seminarians realised that their vocation did not lie with the priesthood, it was refreshing to hear the girls acknowledge this was in no way a failure, but rather a moment of enlightenment. Vocation is not always what we have been expecting or working towards.

The life of tightrope walker Philippe Petit, the man who walked the wire between the two towers of the World Trade Centre in 1973, showed our girls that although a vocation might seem strange to others, through grit, determination, and a little support from your friends, you can achieve things that may seem impossible.

Finally, the amazing sacrifices of the Albrecht family who run the Catholic Worker Farm in Rickmansworth shone a light on how the global arms race can directly affect the lives of homeless women and children from war-torn countries who are living on the streets of London. Their vocation fuses charitable hospitality with peaceful disobedience, as they challenge world powers to consider the everyday lives of ordinary people. Maria Albrecht left us with a quote from Peter Maurin, who said “I spent my life pulling people out of the water. Then one day I decided to find out who was pushing them in.”

We pray that all our students will have the time and space to discern their vocations and that they will use their talents to feed the world.

Living Eggs

We are very excited to announce that after their eagerly anticipated arrival earlier this week, all ten eggs have hatched as of this morning. We have five very cute males and five adorable females! All are doing very well, enjoying cuddles from staff and students during break, lunch, and after school.

Living Eggs 13

Chicks 1

Living Eggs 14

Living Eggs 15

Living Eggs 20

If anyone is interested, the girl chicks are available for rehoming in the city or countryside, and males only in the countryside. Contact Miss Hollobon ( if you would like to know more! Last year, Mrs Leach took three chickens home and they have been a wonderful addition to the Leach menagerie, plus the added bonus that they now get three eggs every day!

A reminder that the Race For Life participant forms need to be handed in! These have been emailed to all parents and hard copies are available from the office.

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