Activities Week Report

The mid-week reports have all been coming through and all students seem to having an incredible week of activities at home and abroad.

Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh

As we watch the girls attempt the “all aboard” high ropes challenge in the middle of the forest, it’s safe to say that a number of them have really stepped up and out of their comfort zone this week! Whether it’s living in the “wilderness”, hiking through stinging nettles and brambles, or even making their first cup of tea, there have been several exciting experiences to write home about.

They have successfully passed the practical element of the course, and courtesy of a three-hour shopping trip to Sainsbury’s, are fully prepared for the expedition. They’ll be setting off bright and early tomorrow morning!

Duke of Edinburgh 1Duke of Edinburgh 3Duke of Edinburgh 4Duke of Edinburgh 5Duke of Edinburgh 6

The teachers are delighted to finally be coordinating the Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the sunshine – unlike this time last year, when we were buying additional sleeping bags and new clothes to replace the ones devastated by the flood of rain. It is fair to say that this year’s group have had an excellent dose of vitamin D!

Spirits are high and we look forward to bringing 23 happy campers home on Friday afternoon.

Year 7 in Boppard

The wifi has been tough for the Boppard teachers and students – the photos from this email update took 45 minutes to upload!

Mr Carroll reports that they’ve enjoyed a sun-filled few days on the river Rhine:

“We’ve already had a boat ride down to the town of St Goar, toured Rheinfels Castle, swam near Koblenz, and visited an arcade where Lily beat Mr Carroll at table tennis! We also saw many German people mourn Germany’s loss to South Korea and used the chairlift to enjoy the spectacular views of Boppard and the Rhine.

Y7 Boppard 1Y7 Boppard 2Y7 Boppard 3Y7 Boppard 4Y7 Boppard 5

We supplemented these cultural experiences with a lot of shopping, competitive flossing, and a dollop of poor wifi – you can see why we’ve been unable to send any updates so far!

Today, we are going to Phantasialand theme park. It’s our last full day in Boppard before tomorrow’s short bus trip through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Kent. We should be arriving at school around 7 PM. Stay tuned!”

Year 9 in Wales

Unfortunately, due to a broken-down coach, we suffered a late departure on Monday but Wales has been bathed in sunshine and our activities were hastily rescheduled – not a huge loss overall.

After a well-deserved meal upon arrival, we were all ready to throw ourselves into some challenges – who said table football can’t be taxing? However, despite our exciting activities, unusual sleeping pods, and the breathtaking beauty of the Brecon Beacons, it has still been difficult to get a More House girl to part with her phone.

Year 8 Wales 1Year 8 Wales 2Year 8 Wales 3Year 8 Wales 4Year 8 Wales 5

Day two found our sleeping pods extremely hot. Pod 19 had very early – and varied – alarm calls. Mr Hegarty had collected the girls’ phones the night before and some students had forgotten to switch off their alarms – a ceaselessly noisy start to the day was a bit of a shock to the system.

Pod 16 was full of activity, as Daphne and Darcy led a team of cake organisers – sorting plates, candles, and matches – to surprise Mrs Mercer on her birthday. She was surprised and pleased with their thoughtful gesture and the enthusiastic singing.

Duke of Edinburgh 2

Aside from cake and celebrations, the More House team was certainly not idle! In the baking morning heat, the girls in one group were challenged to build and paddle a raft around a small island. The attempts were not entirely successful but nevertheless, they had great fun! Group two went peacefully canoeing around the lake.

Year 8 Wales 7Year 8 Wales 8Year 8 Wales 9Year 8 Wales 10Year 8 Wales 11Year 8 Wales 12Year 8 Wales 13Year 8 Wales 13

Lana was determined to balance on the raft drum and of course, if one girl does it, they all want to do it. Although none of them stayed upright for longer than two seconds, it was an innovatively brilliant way to cool down after raft building.

In the afternoon, the students in group one learned to fence while group two were problem solving and carrying out team-building tasks. A piece of cake for our ambitious More House teams!

Year 8 Wales 14Year 8 Wales 16Year 8 Wales 17Year 8 Wales 18

Day three was spent playing games, singing songs, and eating marshmallows around a gorgeous campfire. The song themes included Disney and heartbreak songs. Who would have thought they’d know so many lyrics from Frozen? After roasted marshmallows, there was delicious hot chocolate. Another terrific end to a terrific day!

Year 8 Wales 20Year 8 Wales 21Year 8 Wales 22Year 8 Wales 23Year 8 Wales 25

Lower-Sixth Geography Trip

Lower 6th Geography 1

Here are Mr La Frenais and the lower-sixth geography students on their way down to the beach near our youth hostel in Cornwall, to have a break from their studies. The weather has been amazing and the location is exceptional – beautiful views across the bay and delicious food!

The girls have had a very busy day at Boscastle and the Eden Project so far. Today, they have carried out urban studies at St Austell and tomorrow, they will be working on coastal studies. It’s been a great trip so far!


Meanwhile, the students in London have been treated to some wonderful activities – including a visit to St Paul’s, boat trip to Greenwich, tour of the Houses of Parliament, and a theatre trip to see Strictly Ballroom: The Musical. Tomorrow, they’re off to the zoo!

Strictly Ballroom

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