Final Views from our Study of the Year

What a week of celebrations to finish off the academic year! Here is our final newsletter for 2017/2018. We hope you have a lovely summer holiday and look forward to seeing you again in September.

Summer Concert

We were treated to a wonderful concert at St Barnabas Church in Pimlico last Tuesday evening. Performers from year 7 through to sixth form, beginners to aficionados, all played a part. We heard the various instrumental groups, listened to some of the music competition winners, and enjoyed some stunning performances from the peripatetic staff playing some of their favourite pieces. The church was jam-packed, despite the fact that Mr Keeley unwittingly chose the same night as the England versus Columbia match.

Summer Concert 1

Summer Concert 2

Summer Concert 3

Summer Concert 4

Summer Concert 5

A full gallery of images is available here on our website.

Sportswoman’s Awards

On Wednesday, we were completely bowled over (excuse the pun) by the Sportswoman’s Awards. It was staggering to be reminded of everything the girls and the P.E. department have achieved in the past year. Sport at More House goes from strength to strength each year and this year, we’ve seen the department at its highest standard yet – this is hugely due to the staff and girls persistently aspiring to be the best and achieving the best.

Sportswoman's Awards 3

Sportswoman's Awards 15

Sportswoman's Awards 4

Sportswoman's Awards 8

Sportswoman's Awards 7

Huge congratulations to Eleanor L, Niamh O’S, and Aoife C who won the junior, intermediate, and senior sportswoman’s awards, and the U12 netball team who were crowned Team of the Year.

A full gallery of images is available here on our website.

House Entertainment

One of our favourite competitions of the year is House Entertainment and this year’s event didn’t fail to deliver. Every year, the girls and staff up their game and it is always extremely hard to pick a winner. Well done to Santiago for winning the coveted microphone award – their fantastic choreography, effective story line, great costumes and props, and perfect cameos from the staff stole the show.

House Entertainment 1

House Entertainment 3

House Entertainment 6

House Entertainment 9

House Entertainment 5

House Entertainment 12

House Entertainment 10

This year’s House of the Year was so closely fought, there was only one point in it between first and second place. Well done to Walsingham, who just stole it from Canterbury!

Well done to Izzy, Yesim, Hana, Lottie, and Zahra, who were awarded the highest number of credits throughout the year, and Thananya, Emma, Yasmine, and Josie for winning the progress prizes for this academic year.

A full gallery of images is available here on our website.

House Officers

Finally, we’d like to announce our school officers 2018-2019! Congratulations to all the girls.

Head Girl:
Molly C
Deputy Head and Sports Captain:
Flora T
Senior Officer (New Girls) and Vice-Sports Captain:
Cara H
Senior Officer (Enrichment):
Alana C-B
Iona House Captain:
Alana C=B
Deputy House Captain:
Honey S
Canterbury House Captain:
Molly C
Deputy Canterbury House Captain:
Aoife C
Walsingham House Captain:
Sara R
Deputy Walsingham House Captain:
Olivia B
Santiago House Captain:
Flora T
Deputy Santiago House Captain:
Dunia M


It is always with great sadness that we say goodbye to members of our school community. I wish all the girls moving on the best of luck and we would like to thank Ms Beatty, Mr Green, Mrs Scott, Miss Hollobon, and Miss Crowley for their many wonderful contributions to the life of More House as they move on to new adventures.


We thank you for the past academic year. We have laughed, flourished, and grown in wisdom. We ask you to keep us all safe and grant us a relaxing summer that brings renewal and refreshment.
In Jesus’ name,

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