04/02/19 – Young Voices

Young Voices

On Tuesday, year 7 travelled to the O2 to consolidate the hours of preparation since September for Young Voices 2019. After a picnic lunch and copious amounts of flying saucers consumed by the girls, they were ready and raring to go! At level four of the arena, the heights were quite something. Moana Mash Up was a clear favourite and It’s A Swing Thing combined three-part dance with several parts of vocal harmony. Lead singer Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet was a clear hit with many of the parents and the effortless vocals of 15-year old Beau Dermott exemplified talent and hard work. Our girls were bowled over!

young voices 4

young voices 8

young voices 10

young voices 6

Renowned conductor David Lawrence led the 8,000-strong crowd of voices and the girls paid careful attention to his necessary adjustments, ensuring the performances were as polished as possible. It was certainly a memorable experience that the girls will cherish forever.

Biology Trip to the Natural History Museum

On Wednesday, set two of year 10 biology enjoyed a lesson outside the classroom at the Natural History Museum. The girls have been learning about the theory of evolution and how humans have evolved over time. They visited the human evolution exhibit, where they were able to see several ancient specimens – including the world’s oldest hominin fossil.

It was an insightful afternoon, where the girls embarked on a seven-million-year journey that took them from the first hominins to our own species, homo sapiens.

They were also able to see the Cheddar Man skeleton and gain fascinating insights into the cultural practices of early modern humans in Britain, including a look at a human skull shaped into a cup. The girls took plenty of pictures of the different specimens and we’re looking forward to seeing their posters on human evolution next week!

Wellbeing Week

This week’s themed week was “Wellbeing Week’. Miss Brown put together a wonderful week of inspiring speakers and activities. We raised awareness of harmful behaviours and shared coping strategies for girls who may feel stressed or anxious at times. We are proud of the various strands of support available to the girls at More House – peer mentors, form tutors, school counsellor, Miss Brown, Mr Keeley, and Mrs Leach. Ensuring the girls are aware of these support networks is paramount.

Throughout the week, we held a wide range of clubs and activities focused on promoting pupils’ wellbeing. Nutritionist Kelly Mulhall came to talk to girls in years 9 and 11 about healthy eating habits and showed them the hidden sugar content in some products. Year 7 were introduced to mindfulness and practiced sitting still like a frog. Year 8 discussed puberty and personal care with Miss Brown, while year 10 practiced a guided meditation and discussed how they could use these techniques and take advantage of school clubs such as dot-to-dot, just dance, lying down, story time, and yoga. We hope that the girls found these activities helpful and that they have been inspired to use the techniques taught this week in their own time.

Just Dance Juniors 17

mindfulness colouring 1

mindfulness colouring 3

mindfulness dot-to-dot 2


puzzle 4

Thank you as well to those who attended our parents’ talk to hear Dick Moore’s presentation on adolescent mental health. Dick gave parents information on how to assess the mental health of their children and explained that during adolescence, young people can be driven by emotion and act impulsively. He encouraged parents to:

  • avoid imposing your own aspirations on your child;
  • seek to build resilience whenever you can;
  • encourage the discussion of emotions;
  • be aware that negative remarks have three times the impact of positive remarks.

Miss Brown will send around a summary of his presentation and links to where you can watch his talk online at the start of next week. He will be coming back to talk to the girls in the autumn term.

Sport Report

Although we had several fixtures lined up last week, one day of fixtures was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions! The girls did a hockey and netball practice instead.

On Monday, though, the girls played extremely well against Queen’s College. The U12 won 9-3, with Ally taking player of the match. The All Stars won 6-1, with Julia VP taking player of the match.

Inter-house Week

Next week is our first inter-house week. The schedule of activities can be found on our website.


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