08/02/19 – Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

We started off our week with an assembly about Safer Internet Day. This is a day when we are asked to think about how we can use technology responsibly, respectfully, criticially, and creatively. This year’s Safer Internet Day focused on how consent functions in an online context and asked young people to explore how they ask, give, and receive consent online. This might be in their friendships or relationships, in the ways they take and share images and videos, or how they manage their privacy and data.

We watched this interesting video on the subject.

Touch Typing Courses

A number of parents have been enquiring about touch typing courses so we thought we would mention www.nmtouchtyping.co.uk, who run courses during the holidays and are based nearby in Fulham.

Inter-house Competitions

This week’s activities have centered around inter-house competitions. We have had our annual Engineering Challenge (to save an egg!), Countdown, Articulate, Modern Foreign Languages Challenge, and Temple Run challenge.

The winners in each challenge were:


1st – Iona

2nd – Walsingham

3rd – Canterbury

4th – Santiago

countdown 1

countdown 2

countdown 4

countdown 6

countdown 14


1st – Walsingham

2nd – Iona

3rd – Canterbury

4th – Santiago

Engineering Challenge

1st – Walsingham

2nd – Iona

3rd – Canterbury

4th – Santiago

engineering 26

engineering 16


1st – Canterbury

2nd – Santiago & Walsingham

3rd – Iona

articulate 1

articulate 3

articulate 5

Temple Run

1st – Walsingham

2nd – Canterbury

3rd – Iona

4th – Santiago

temple run 5

temple run 8

temple run 11

temple run 14

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes begin at More House next week in preparation for a confirmation ceremony at Westminster Cathedral on June 1st. Some exciting aspects of the preparation involve assisting the Glasshouse Homeless Shelter and visiting Tyburn Convent. The five girls are looking forward to the next step in their spiritual journey!

Rafiki Bracelets

Today, the Rafiki bracelets we sold a couple of weeks ago to raise money for WE charity arrived! These bracelets are inspired by Maasai beading traditions in Kenya, handmade with love by women we know as mamas – extraordinary, talented women who are beading their way to a brighter future for themselves and their families. Every Rafiki bracelet purchased makes a difference to one of five life-changing areas in a developing community – education, water, health, food, or financial opportunity.

Rafiki bracelets 6

Rafiki bracelets 11

Rafiki bracelets 12

Rafiki bracelets 15

Rafiki bracelets 16

Rafiki bracelets 14

We are proud to have raised over £500 so far for WE, through our international Mufti day and the sales of our bracelets.

Feast of St Josephine Bakhita

On Thursday, Catholics all over the world celebrated the feast of St Josephine Bakhita, as International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking. Please read the lovely prayer Leen wrote to acknowledge people whose dignity is being violated.

Spirit and Truth 2Spirit and Truth 3Spirit and Truth 4Spirit and Truth 5

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