08/03/19 – World Book Day

We had a lot of celebrations taking place this week! Firstly, though, a report on last week’s themed week from Ms Jackson and Mr Hegarty.

Page to Stage

“I regard theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” Oscar Wilde.

The English and drama department were delighted with the creative and engaging work More House girls produced during the themed week. From creative workshops to comical script-writing sessions, a love for writing was deeply evident. The staff challenged pupils further by encouraging them to utilise the skills and knowledge gained throughout the week to express their ideas and opinions through creative means, helping generate discussion and awareness on important topics. We hope the girls will continue to use their creative talents to promote tolerance and bridge connections with people from all walks of life!

articulate 3articulate 4creative writing workshop 2creative writing workshop 15creative writing workshop 19mime 1mime 6scrabble 1scrabble workout 46script writing 4

Such bridges can be built through cooperation and harmony, as was indicated in the St Francis of Assisi prayer, which was part of the English and drama department assembly.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.”

WE Day

We were honoured to once again be invited to the WE Day Concert at Wembley Arena to celebrate those who have given their time or money to causes at home and abroad. Girls this year who attended were rewarded for their volunteering work at the end of last year, for buying or selling rafikis during Around the World week or for taking part in the RS department’s Faith In Action group.

WE Day 5WE Day 4WE Day 3WE Day 2WE Day 1

We were among a crowd of 12,500 people who were also being rewarded for their charity work and were treated to musical performances by Jack and Jack, Pixie Lott, Tom Walker and former One Direction member Liam Payne. We heard inspirational stories of students in London who have been working with other young people to put an end to knife crime. Model Iskra Lawrence spoke about body positivity and to be aware of people’s Instagram photos as these are merely their “greatest hits” and vowed to never photoshop her own images on Instagram as “we are all unique”. Mental health was a key theme in this year’s concert and Tom Walker, Connor Franta and Naomi Campbell all stressed the importance of looking out for our friends and others.

Unanimously our highlight of the day was when we were introduced to Harry, the Duke of Sussex. He stressed the importance of how young people need to “stand up or fall behind” if we want to create a fairer and better world. He discussed the importance of looking after our environment. He urged us to listen to people more, even if you disagree with their views and to get off our screens and spend time face to face instead. We were also treated to a surprise visit by Megan the Duchess of Sussex who was reluctantly dragged on stage by her husband to a standing ovation from a very excited Wembley arena!

We want to congratulate those who won tickets and are very proud of the kindness all of our students have shown in the past year. Thanks to Miss Wijay and Mrs Steed for accompanying and look out for new volunteering opportunities coming soon!

World Book Day

As we do every year, we celebrated World Book Day today by having all forms decorate their form room doors on the theme of their favourite book. The turnout was impressive! Well done, girls.

World Book Day 14World Book Day 12World Book Day 11World Book Day 10World Book Day 9World Book Day 8World Book Day 7World Book Day 6World Book Day 5World Book Day 4World Book Day 3World Book Day 2World Book Day 1

The winners of the best doors were as follows:

1st: Harry Potter
2nd: Around the World in 80 Days
3rd: Nerd Word

Visit to Google HQ

Mrs Leach and Mr Robertson had an exciting meeting at Google HQ in Covent Garden yesterday. They met with Yonca CMO, Agustina and Anna. Agustina (Associate Product Marketing Manager) is currently working on an exciting programme on digital citizenship and Anna (Google Education Lead) gave us lots of food for thought about using ICT in the classroom. Meeting these three inspirational women leads very nicely on to celebrating International Women’s Day today.

When you go to Google search engine today, the Google Doodle is a colourful image of 11 dialogue boxes with the word “woman” written in 11 languages. When you click on it, a pop-up comes up that lets the user scroll through the different quotes.

Mary Kom and visually challenged diplomat NL Beno Zephine are two Indian women whose quotes make an appearance in the list along with the likes of Yoko Ono, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and others.

The first quote in the slideshow belongs to Dr Mae Jemison, who became NASA’s first African-American woman astronaut. “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations,” she had said.

Mary Kom’s quote packed as much power as her punches in the boxing ring. “Do not ever say you are weak because you are a woman,” the boxing legend from Manipur had said.
Beno Zephine, who became India’s first visually challenged diplomat, had said “We are too precious to let disappointments enter our minds.”

“Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly?” is Frida Kahlo’s quote chosen by Google.

Yoko Ono, who was married to Beatles star John Lennon, is quoted in the Google Doodle as saying “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

Shrove Tuesday

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with the Fair Trade team, who have raised £310 over the last week. Thank you to Father Lawrence for leading our Ash Wednesday Service and Reconciliation!

pancakes 2pancakes 4pancake sale 12pancake sale 11pancake sale 3pancake sale 1

Please see the 40 acts of kindness, a lovely approach for Lent if the girls do not want to give up anything.

40 Acts Kindness 140 Acts Kindness 2



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