19/03/19 – Science Week

Science Week

Our themed weeks are a huge hit and certainly making the weeks fly by faster than ever! Last week’s themed week was Science Week – Ms Wijay, Miss Davidson, and Mrs Mazewski report on the activities.

“We kicked things off with a school-wide science quiz, with lots of challenging pictures and questions! The junior section was won by Harriet and Lily in year 8 and the senior section was won by Lily, Amanda, Ursula, Katie, and Lobna.

There were many exciting clubs on offer throughout the week, often opening the girls’ eyes to a variety of exciting and interesting STEM career opportunities. Year 9 got to see some amazing chemistry demonstrations on Monday: Ms Wijay scooped up some methane bubbles, which were then set alight by Mrs Steed! It certainly looked like Ms Wijay’s hands were on fire, although she came out of the experiment unscathed. Year 10 learned how taste-testing sweets is actually a STEM job they could aspire to: a food technologist. A group of year 7 pupils were introduced to the fun world of coding and robotics. Many girls enjoyed exploring the world of Newton’s first law of motion with balloon and chemical-powered rockets. Cosmetics were thrown in, too – year 8 girls used chemistry to make bath bombs!”

mouse dissection 2mouse dissection 11robots 7slime 2slime 6slime 15slime 16sweets 5

Another successful themed week. Thank you to all the staff involved who made it such a success!

World Book Day Winners

A bit more on our wonderful World Book Day winners from the other week. Mr Hegarty reports that there was an impressive display of creativity from all forms!

In third place, year 8’s Word Nerd door featured an enveloped from which you could pick out letters that looked like scrabble pieces and make a word!

In second place, L38’s Around the World in Eighty Days created a wonderful 3D effect with air balloons, planes, and flags, all really capturing the title.

In first place, by a country mile, due to excellent production values – year 8 dazzled us with their lockers decorated, wands and books displayed on a library shelf, with a door resembling a station platform wall and complete with two costumed wizards casting spells. They truly nailed Harry Potter!

Well done, girls.

Faith in Action

On March 10th, the year 9 Confirmation pupils, parents, and Miss Reid visited the Glass Door Homeless Charity’s night shelter in Hammersmith. The shelter serves a three-course roast chicken dinner to approximately 65 homeless guests every Sunday night. The shelter can also accommodate 35 guests overnight, who will sleep on the Church floor. The following morning, the guests will leave the shelter. Our role was to prepare the venue for dinner.

Faith in Action 1Faith in Action 2

We laid out tables and chairs, table cloths, and cutlery, and disseminated fruit, snack bars, and bread to each table while the cooking was underway in the kitchen. We all brought donations of various cakes for dessert and an array of clothes, toiletries, and other essentials that the guests might require. Ultimately, it was a humbling and illuminating evening. Victoria and Steve who run the shelter were really grateful for the girls’ help. It has really made us aware of our need to serve the least fortunate in society – we look forward to assisting again in the future.

The pupils and parents enjoyed a Nando’s meal afterwards, to reflect on their evening.

We received this lovely letter from the organiser:

“Thank you very much for organising yesterday evening’s visit to the Glass Door Homeless Charity night shelter at Rivercourt Church.

I should be most grateful if you would kindly pass on my thanks to all those who came, whether they were confirmation candidates or their parents. The help they all provided in setting up for the evening was wonderful. The donations of cakes and puddings, toiletries, clothing and shoes were fantastically generous, and hugely appreciated by all the guests. They really made a big difference.”

Sport Report


The More House football team went to Paddington Recreation Ground on Thursday afternoon to take part in a 5-team tournament hosted by Queen’s College. The mixed team of year 9 and 10 girls played 4 games in the group stages, in windy and drizzly conditions, with the aim of qualifying for the final. The first game was a tightly contested affair against a very confident St James’ A team. After a stray shot early on feel right to their strikers’ feet, More House conceded their first and only goal of the tournament. St James A won the game 1-0, but this inspired a comeback for More House, who went on determined to win the next 3 games! They beat St James B 1-0, Queen’s College 2-0, and South Hampstead School 1-0. By holding their nerve in the crucial final fixture, More House qualified for the final with three clean sheets.

Football 1Football 2

St James A were relentless in the final and attacked from the kick-off. More House had no choice but to defend hard and they did so with plenty of determination and resilience. Thanks to some crucial saves from Anna, More House held on and took the undefeated St James A to penalty shootout, with a chance of winning the tournament. More House won the toss and chose to shoot second. With Anna in goal, More House matched St James right through to sudden death, where unfortunately, St James snuck the victory.

The girls’ teamwork, communication, and dogged determination paid off as they finished runners up in a very close-fought tournament. Special praise must go to Hana, who captained the side and led by example – scoring all four of our goals. A lot of praise must also go to the defense: Malak, Anastasie, Ella, Adiva, Margot, and Anna, who only conceded one goal all day. Mia and Amalia also put in tireless performances on the wings and played every minute of every game with enormous energy. The girls should be really proud of their performances, as they represented the school well from start to finish. Congratulations!

Hockey and Netball

We’ve had a lot of fixtures happening recently. Here’s a breakdown of all the results!

A hockey fixture against Queen’s College resulted in a 6-0 WIN to More House, with Lucy J taking player of the match.


A netball fixture against Queen’s College resulted in another win, this time 18-3 to More House, with Lizzie A taking player of the match.

Unfortunately, the U16, U15, and U14 netball fixtures against Notting Hill & Ealing High School were all losses. U16 lost 15-12, with Hope taking player of the match. U15 lost 23-7, with Daphne taking player of the match. U14 lost 23-4, with Amelia taking player of the match.

National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships

Once again, we had a horde of girls taking part in the NJIRC. In the boat race relay, the girls had to row as far as possible in 16 minutes 19 seconds. More House finished 17th.

Results by year groups:

Year 9

110th: Skye S

Year 10

78th: Alexia M-C
81st: Matilda M
83rd: Elisha R-H
84th: Jodie H
96th: Nadia A
99th: Victoria H
104th: Jess H
106th: Mercedes T-P
125th: Tala M

Year 12

26th: Megan B

Year 13

16th: Cara H


We have two events coming up that we would love to see as many of you there as possible.

The junior school play this year is entitled The Terrible Infants. Tickets are free but must be ordered beforehand through Eventbrite.

The Easter Choral Concert will be on the 2nd April – tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite. It’s always the highlight of the year for the music department!

Spirit & Truth 1Spirit & Truth 2Spirit & Truth 3Spirit & Truth 4


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