22/03/19 – Sports Week

Sports Week

We enjoyed so many fun events during this week’s themed week. Some of the activities on offer included:

  • Sponsored swim
  • Lunchtime clubs: cup pong, shuffleboard, question of sport quiz, step-a-thon, netball shoot-a-thon
  • Dodgeball tournament
  • Fancy dress fun run

Dodgeball Tournament 

As any good athlete knows, there are 5 Ds of dodgeball… Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge! Sports leaders took on the challenge of running a whole school dodgeball tournament in aid of sports week. A tough task, as they had over 50 girls sign up! It was very closely contested, with all girls putting in 100% effort and commitment. In the junior competition, we saw some great sling throws from Ella and some great catches from Tavy. Overall, it was very close, but the purple team became champions for the junior competition! Well done to Charlotte, Poppy, Emily, Skye, Malak and Jemima.

dodgeball 3dodgeball 4dodgeball 5dodgeball 6dodgeball 7dodgeball 8dodgeball 9dodgeball 10dodgeball 11dodgeball 12

The senior competition was extremely competitive. The sixth form, reigning dodgeball champions, decided to really put their skills to the test and challenge a joint team of years 10 and 11 girls. Enthusiasm was at an all-time high for the sixth form, until Aoife was taken down at the hands of Lizzie. Struggling to pull it back, the sixth form went into panic mode. Amazingly, though, as the juniors watched in amazement, the sixth form pulled out all the stops and eventually managed to pull it back and successfully defended their title!

A huge well done to all that participated and a massive thank you to the sports leaders that assisted in running the competition (Molly, Flora, Cara, and Dunia).

Question of Sport Quiz 

More House students put their knowledge to the test this week by signing up to the Question of Sport Quiz. They were faced with tough questions such as: how many grand slams has Serena Williams won? Who is the fastest man over 100m? Which football team does Miss Minto support?

question of sport juniors 1question of sport juniors 2question of sport juniors 3question of sport juniors 4question of sport juniors 5question of sport juniors 6

Through joint brain power from Iona, Sofia and Lea led them to be junior champions. Sixth formers Molly, Flora and Zhara showed no mercy to the year 10 or year 11 girls and were crowned senior champions. Well done to all girls who participated.

Netball Shooting

How many goals could girls shoot in an entire lunch time?

Yasemin – 25
Emily – 65
Lucy – 46
Grace – 92
Kiera – 3
Emily – 100
Ella – 50

Well done to Emily, who managed to score 100 goals in 20 minutes!

More Elite – Sport Development Talk

On Thursday 21st March, the More Elite, GCSE, and A-level students were invited to a lunchtime seminar with Alishia Williams-Gayle from Epic Sport (RBKC Borough Sport Development Officer) on careers in sport. Alishia guided us through her role and how she got into sport development, before showing us some footage of some of the projects that she’d worked on, including the London Youth Games and Cross-Country competitions. We were surprised to hear the number of projects that she works on within her role, which some students in the room had been involved in themselves.

sports talk 1sports talk 2sports talk 3

She asked the students about their sporting backgrounds, what sports they play and what level they play at before discussing the wealth of opportunities that they could enjoy if they pursued a career in sport. It was interesting to hear about some of the lesser-known career paths, as well as examining the more familiar routes such as sports coaching and sports science. Alishia also talked about a number of volunteering projects that we could be involved in within the Borough and recommended some contacts for those who have just embarked on the Duke of Edinburgh award in year 10. Our sixth-form sports leaders were also invited to help out with Borough festivals that are taking place later in the year.

Finally, Alishia spoke about a grant that the Borough can provide for those who are interesting in pursuing a coaching pathway and want to gain a qualification at Level 1/entry level. For further information, please reach out to Miss Minto!

We would like to thank Alishia for providing us with a fascinating insight into the world of sport!


On Tuesday, the year 8 students were treated to a special P.E. lesson, where Stephen and Steve from Goalball UK led a fantastic intro session into the sport. Goalball is a Paralympic sport, where players play in teams of three on a volleyball-sized court and try to score goals by bowling/throwing a ball with a bell in it to a goal at opposite ends of the court. Despite it being a Paralympic sport, it is fully inclusive so both visually impaired and sighted individuals can play together. However, to make it fair, all players must wear eye shades.

Goalball 1Goalball 2Goalball 3

We had great fun diving across the floor of Imperial College Sports Hall to save goals and then bowl the ball back in the opposite direction to try and beat the opposition. The game started off quite slowly, as we learnt the rules and got used to having to use other senses rather than relying on our vision, but we got the hang of it and we were soon bowling and throwing the ball at great speed.

We were surprised to learn that international players can throw the ball up to 60mph! That was a bit faster than what we could manage in our first session.

Eco Club

The Eco Club have been out in full force, planting a variety of seeds in our courtyard, which hopefully over the next few months will bloom!

Meanwhile, a small group of older students were given the chance to fight climate change last week and took part in the “Student Strike” at Westminster. It is wonderful to see our community taking part in these projects and coming up with further ideas of how to reduce food waste and plans to focus on reducing our energy use as a school. The school would very much welcome individual student action to reduce personal carbon footprints also.

Alumna Success

We love hearing the success stories of our alumna. Jessica Costelloe is the latest More House alumna to shine – here she is starring on the cover of you, the Irish Daily Mail magazine. She’s an incredibly talented and successful mezzo-soprano singer and a graduate from The Juilliard School in New York.

Jessica came and spoke to us about her journey to success in a More’s Household talk a couple of years ago. It seems not that long ago she was delighting us with her singing at More House… Congratulations, Jessica!

Prayer 1Prayer 2Prayer 3Prayer 4

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