28/04/19 – Summer Term Begins!

We would like to warmly welcome all returning pupils and staff to the summer term! An especially warm welcome to any new pupils who have just joined us also.

The summer term is always full of excitement – as the girls prepare for their summer examinations, they are also able to enjoy the varied host of activities on offer during the final term of the academic year. We can’t wait to see them rise to the challenges they might face academically while also thriving through our rich extracurricular programme!

As we slowly get back into the swing of things after the Easter break, here’s a report on this week’s activities and also the final goings on from the spring term.

Sport Report

Ski Report

On the last day of the spring term, 34 excited students and four staff travelled to Gatwick airport in order to fly to Denver, the ‘Mile High City’, for the annual ski trip.

This year, we decided that given the high altitude in Denver and Winter Park (the ski resort), we would do a stopover at the beginning of the trip so everyone could acclimatise to the conditions. We were treated in our first hotel to a pizza party and some fresh lemonade – how American! The following morning, we headed to Cherry Creek shopping mall to get our annual fill of Sephora, Journey’s, and Levi’s. Laden with even heavier suitcases, we then made our way onto our coach ready to be transported to the Winter Park resort for the skiing.

As with previous ski trips, the weather was kind to us and a significant amount of snow had fallen in the week leading up to our trip. This meant we were in for a fun-filled week of skiing, sliding, and slipping (in some cases!) on the snowy slopes. After collecting our skis, poles, boots, and helmets we met our instructors – John, J.T., Johan, and Eric – and divided into our ski groups for the morning session.

ski trip 2ski trip 8ski trip 12ski trip 30ski trip 28ski trip 26ski trip 18ski trip 14

As you will be able to see from the pictures, Winter Park really does have some amazing terrain. From the wide beginner slopes in the Discovery Park to the technically challenging (particularly for Mrs Mercer!) narrow paths in Dilly Dally Alley, to the half pipe and huge rollers in the terrain park, there was an array of entertainment for all ability levels.

We also had the luxury of being able to ski two ski parks: Winter Park and Mary Jane. The Mary Jane terrain was much more complex, therefore only tackled by the more advanced skiers, but the beginners did get to visit it via the new $120 million gondola, which took them safely up to the top of the slopes and back.

The week was filled with hilarity. Maysie W and Lucy J were treated to some lift-pool karaoke from Miss Minto, Mrs Mercer, and Miss Hails; Erin O gave up skiing on the slopes and accidentally skied into the safety net, ending up wrapped in plastic; Tilly E managed to ski through her instructor’s pole and snap it, so he spent the afternoon with a tiny stump for a pole; Megan B (despite being awarded the wally tutu for her exploits the day before) and Maddy M managed to ski into each other causing a pile up; Lana and Daphne mastered skiing through each other’s legs; Juliette and Honey tried to master skiing through each other’s legs; and the trees proved as challenging as ever, causing many of us to end up covered in snow!

There was a lot to be learnt throughout the week and the instructors were thrilled with the progress made by all of the students. On the final day, the following students received special ski awards from their instructors:

Beginner Skier of the Week – Nora M
Beginner Best Attitude – Hennie H
Intermediate 1 Skier of the Week – Amalie FN
Intermediate 1 Best Attitude – Daphne T
Intermediate 2 Skier of the Week – Alix D
Intermediate 2 Best Attitude – Aoife C
Advanced Skier of the Week – Nicole MT
Advanced Best Attitude – Eleanor L
Best Air – Amalia B
Ski Tripper of the Week – Lucy J

In addition to the fun on the slopes, we had a great time making s’mores, swimming, and throwing ourselves down the tubing course on giant rubber rings as part of the evening activity programme. We also organised a ‘Dinner Safari’, which meant we were able to dine around the town rather than eating at the same venue each night. This meant we had more of a variety of dinner options and proved popular with all.

After our fun at the slopes, we hopped back on to the coach in order to travel back to Denver and make our way to the airport. We went via the Colorado Mills shopping mall and the Hard Rock Cafe.

All was going so well until the antenna broke on the plane resulting in our flight being cancelled and consequently meaning that we spent another 3.5 days in Denver while we waited for our new flight! Unfortunately, these things do happen and it was a massive inconvenience to all, but in true More House style, we made the most of our newly acquired mini-break in Denver.

On the first day (after a hotel switch), we swam in the hotel pool and used the outdoor hot tub before going to Casey’s Diner where we were treated to a live singer while we dined; Liv B got up on stage and did a duet with him, which was well received by the other diners.

The following day we took the bus downtown to the aquarium. We were even able to touch some stingrays, which were pretty slimy! After the aquarium, the older students went with Mrs Mercer and Miss Minto to the NBA Playoffs game where the Denver Nuggets took on the San-Antonio Spurs. This was so exciting and was a real privilege to be able to get tickets to see an NBA game live. The younger students went with Miss Brown and Miss Hails to Olive Garden and to the cinema. Both groups had a great time.

On the Sunday, we had a buffet breakfast in the hotel before packing up our rooms and heading to the outdoor shopping area for lunch. After returning to the hotel, we collected our luggage and got a bus for attempt two to fly home; thankfully this time we successfully made it back to London!

So it was certainly an eventful week but thoroughly enjoyed by all. The question is, where will we be heading next year?

Fun Run

More House girls put on their fancy dress costumes and marched down Sloane Street to Hyde Park for the annual Fancy Dress Fun Run. We had a brilliant time attempting to run a mile in our weird and wonderful costumes. Well done to all of our winners!

Year 7 – Leah
Year 8 – Erin
Year 9 – Mia
Year 10 – Millie
Year 11 – Lizzie
Staff – Mrs Steed

fun run 1fun run 5fun run 7fun run 59fun run 26fun run 16fun run 11fun run 9

A big well done to our fancy dress winners and runners up: Lizzie and Julia, Malak and Jemima, and the year 10 cops and robbers!

Alongside the fun run, our running club members ran a competitive race. Congratulations to Lucy J who came first, with a brilliant time of 9.25 minutes!

We have been raising money for Cafod during Sports Week – so far, we have raised a total of £643! Be sure to hand in your sponsorship forms ASAP so we can reach our goal of £1000.

Thames Row

Year 10 rowers participated in the annual Thames 100 Rowing Event organised by Fulham Reach Boat Club. The Thames 100 involves rowing a section of the 100-mile course from Trinity College, Oxford to Fulham Reach Boat Club in an effort to raise £10,000! The girls were required to row a 20-mile section of this course. Before the event began, we were given a tour around Reading University by the President of the Rowing Club. It was great to see what facilities the university has and what opportunities would be available to students in the future should they choose to row at university.

Thames Row 4Thames Row 3Thames Row 2

The rowers got off to a great start on a very frosty morning and managed to row over half of the planned route before lunch. Luckily, the sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon for the girls to leisurely complete their row, finishing at Dorney Rowing Club earlier than expected.

Well done to all girls who took part!

Fulham Reach Boat Club Fixture

All crews had a fair race and raced with good sportsmanship. The weather conditions were ideal and both crews were competent enough to deal with the conditions and adapt their rowing to make the most of it!

All races took place on the flood tide from Crabtree to FRBC, approximately 1000m.

Race report:

Race 1: CA1 vs MH1
MH1 won by 1 foot

Race 2: CA2 vs MH2
MH2 won by 1 length

Overall results:

More House School 2: 0 Chelsea Academy

Individual Achievements

Lucy J is competing in the London Marathon on Sunday and has set up this sponsorship page.

Please help Lucy change the world! Lucy has been selected to represent Kensington and Chelsea in the London Mini Marathon, running 3 miles from Old Billingsgate to the Mall. She has asked me to forward to you her sponsorship page in the hope you might support this very worthy cause.

Congratulations to Eleanor for competing at the Challenge Bratislava fencing competition, where she unfortunately lost out to the eventual winner from Hungary.

In fencing, you need to fence a poule of six to seven girls to determine your overall ranking. In a massive tournament like this one, around 20-27% will be cut off. Those who make it through the poule will be seeded and go on to direct elimination. It’s really luck of the draw that determines the strengths of the poules!


It took nine hours to get through 157 girls in the tournament. Eleanor had a tough poule but managed to get through. In the direct elimination, she met the eventual winner of the tournament and sadly lost 15-10. However, she is looking forward to returning next year!

Well done to Issy in year 7, whose acro gymnastics trio won the London Regional Championships. This means that in May, she will be travelling up to Stoke-on-Trent to compete in the National Finals. Good luck, Issy!

Well done to Niamh in year 10, Emma in year 9, and Laura in year 7, who went off to the USA to dance in the World Irish Dancing Championships. Congratulations to Niamh for winning a medal and Emma and Laura’s U16 ceili team who came 2nd out of 75 teams in the world!

Niamh 1Niamh 2Niamh 3

Junior School Play

The cast of the junior school play performed scenes from The Terrible Infants to a packed audience of students, families, and staff. It was so lovely to see each of the girls shine on stage and enjoy themselves thoroughly under the guidance of assistant director and drama captain, Nessie O.

the terrible infants 17the terrible infants 21the terrible infants 25the terrible infants 32the terrible infants 29the terrible infants 3

The students used the performance to raise funds for HCPT, a charity that supports disadvantaged and disabled children by taking them on pilgrimages to Lourdes in France. Everyone in attendance was so generous and we look forward to revealing our fundraising success soon! Special thanks to the drama department and the Faith In Action team of staff and students for their support.

Spiritual Week

The last week of term ended with Spiritual Week. We had assembly on Monday on the true meaning of Easter. The Key Stage 3 pupils were able to participate in a meditation led by Ms Gulin and Ms Henvey, which proved to be a very effective way to help the pupils take some time out of their busy lives to reflect and pray for others.

Additionally, we had an assembly on Tuesday on Faith and Science and how the two principles can actually complement one another. A junior doctor, Dearbhail Reid, was invited to speak to girls in years 10, 11, and sixth form. Dearbhail passionately discussed her love of science and medicine while also being a practicing Catholic. Her talk was illuminating, engaging and inspiring. Dearbhail spoke about how science and faith can positively intersect and the pupils particularly enjoyed her personal and witty anecdotes and book recommendations, Paul Khalinthi’s When Breath Becomes Air, Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, and Richard Moore’s Can I Give Him My Eyesight.

The week was a great success and the R.S. department would like to thank all involved!


Thank you to the Thorne family for raising £110.65 for the Great Daffodil Appeal at the start of the Easter Concert!

beauty bank 1

Miss Devine had us all collecting beauty products for Beauty Bank and we put together a number of boxes filled with lots of lovely beauty products, which we’re sure will prove very useful. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to this important cause!

Stile Antico Workshop

Several of our More House girls had the pleasure of taking part in a workshop with the Grammy-nominated group, Stile Antico, on Wednesday. Some of them were already familiar with the group, having been on a school trip to see one of their concerts before Christmas.

Initially, the girls were tutored by several of the women from the group and in only twenty minutes they had learnt the tricky three-part harmony to All Creatures Now by John Bennet and Calm Was The Air by Richard Carlton.

As usual, the girls took it all in their stride. Once they were confident with this tricky repertoire, they took it in turns to sit amongst the group of 12 singers (six men and six women) and continued rehearsing the two pieces. It was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to experience a top-flight vocal group up close and to see the inner workings of an ensemble that operates without a conductor. All changes in tempo, musical characters etc. are agreed by the members of the group, which leads to an amazing sense of collaboration in performance.

It was wonderful to see how polite and respectful the girls were and several mentioned how interesting it was to see a professional group ‘behind the scenes’ and felt the experience was a real treat.

For more information on the group, please visit their website.

Coming up…

Don’t forget to follow our school calendar on the website! All upcoming event details are available here.

In the meantime, coming up we have a couple of exciting events that are worth highlighting…

On the 15th Ma, year 9 are holding a Charity Artwork Auction! We hope to see many of you there.

On the 22nd May, we have the annual, whole-school Art Exhibition. We’ve got the Okido founders coming in as guests of honour. There will be prizes for each class as well as prizes for the year 9s, based on their auction event.

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