Wonderlab Visit – Years 7 & 8 at the Science Museum

The year 7 and year 8 pupils enjoyed a stimulating trip to the Science Museum. They spent an informative hour and a half in the Wonderlab, carrying out experiments and taking advantage of the impressive equipment on offer. Thermal cameras, lightning strikes 2m across, hydrogen explosives, pulleys, water dancing from sound waves, mathematical puzzles with no numbers… They were also treated to a 3D Imax screening about the international space station and its significant role in scientific research.

Wonderlab Visit 3Wonderlab Visit 1Wonderlab Visit 2

This trip provided them with an ideal opportunity to deepen their knowledge in both science and geography beyond the classroom. Here is what some of the girls had to say about their outing.

“It was great to see many of the features we’ve been learning about in geography up close, as well as learn more about the effects humans have had on our beautiful planet.”

“It was wonderful seeing how scientists from all over the world – different countries and different political backgrounds – are working together to protect the planet that is home to us all.”

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