BBC News School Report 2016

Year 8 have created short news videos for the BBC School News Day, which happens on March 10th. More than 1,000 schools take part, allowing 11-16  year old students across the country the opportunity to research and  produce their own news reports for a real audience.
Schools have covered a wide range of topical and often contentious issues.
The BBC links to each school webpage, providing a real audience for the reports. Some  schools may even have the chance to work with the BBC and have their work appear on  television, radio or the BBC website.
This year More House students have produced news reports about a  diverse range of topics. Mr Hegarty and the English department is very impressed with their attitude and is pleased with the range of topics the girls researched.
  • Phoebe,  Maia, Genevieve and Elizabeth discussed the dangers of the rise in popularity of swegways.
  •  Team two, Maysara, Emilie and Leonore researched and presented a report about global warming and the effect on wildlife.
  • Crime was dealt with a news report by Laila, Raya and Sophina.
  • The fourth group, Sofyia, Eya, Cecily and Jose investigated mental health issues among young people.
All the groups researched, edited and presented their news reports with great enthusiasm and technical expertise. The project relies on the students being self motivated and each group deserves praise for their focus and commitment.


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