BBC School News Report 2018

The English department has been busy with final preparations for the More House School’s News reports as several girls from Yr 8 have made short news items. The news items range from health and fitness to interviews with a space engineer!

BBC News School Report gives 11 to 16-year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. At More House, we have been working with Year 8 groups and encouraging them to make news reports for submission to the BBC so that we can take part in this national initiative to involve young people in news.

We looked at the materials from the website as well newspapers, magazines and the surrounding world. With support from the BBC, we have helped students develop their journalistic skills to become More House School Reporters. This has been beneficial to our English studies as the project means we are involved in researching, planning, drafting, editing and presenting – all important skills. The girls have found the task challenging due to time pressures and technical demands – as you would expect – but they persevered and developed very interesting news items, which may be picked up by the BBC news departments across the media outlets.

Mr Hegarty

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